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Pikmin 251

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Pikmin 251
Rating E 10+
Genre Real-time strategy
Platform(s) Computer, Nintendo GameCube
Media Digital download
Publisher PikHacker
Release Dates September 25, 2019
Prequel Pikmin 2
Creator PikHacker
Collaborator(s) Yoshifirebird
Sharker Da Shark
Minty Meeo
Mr Brocoli
Quesadilla Xain

Pikmin 251 is a Pikmin 2 hack released in 2019 for PC and GameCube. It takes place sometime after the events of Pikmin 2. It includes the standard game's features, such as Challenge Mode and 2-Player Battle mode, but includes edited versions of the standard areas, one entirely new area, new cave themes, a number of new enemies, one new Pikmin type, new obstacles, and many new treasures.


After the events of Pikmin 2, Captain Olimar returned home to his family until one day, the President of Hocotate Freight called him in to work for a meeting where he revealed that Hocotate Freight was in debt once again. The President believes that the All-Devouring Black Hole Loan Sharks dumped the treasures that Olimar and Louie worked to collect back onto PNF-404. Instead of the debt being Poko × 10,100, however, the debt was instead Poko × 20,000. The President then reveals that Louie told him about Olimar's "dark secret" and how it was a cover-up story for having eaten the golden Pikpik carrots. Because the company is in such deep debt, he is unable to fire Olimar; he instead promotes Louie and makes Olimar his subordinate. Louie and his new subordinate, Olimar, board the Hocotate ship and blast off towards the Pikmin Planet.

Whilst searching for a spot to land in Wistful Wild, Louie collides with a branch, which knocks Olimar out of his cockpit and sends him plummeting to the ground below. Louie successfully lands the ship, which ejects him out of the spacecraft. Louie looks up to see a group of Yellow Pikmin fighting a Dwarf Painted Bulborb. He whistles them to his side and uses them to kill the creature. Olimar and Louie work together to reunite and continue their quest to pay off the company's debt once again.

When enough Pokos have been collected to pay the debt, Louie returns to Hocotate, not having realized he left Olimar behind. The President refuses to return to PNF-404, and makes the ship transform into a playable character. The final area, Foreboding Forest, is unlocked. In it, Louie and the ship rescue Olimar from the Scrambled Titan Dweevil in the Doom Den. Eventually, Louie and the ship clear the entire planet of valuables.


Just like Pikmin 2, Pikmin 251 has two endings that can both be obtained in the same playthrough. One occurs when the debt is repaid, and the other happens when all 252 treasures have been collected.



The Red Pikmin, Yellow Pikmin, Blue Pikmin, Purple Pikmin, White Pikmin, and Bulbmin that appear in the standard game haven't changed, for the most part. One new Pikmin type is discovered:

Orange Pikmin

Orange Pikmin are a subterranean species of Pikmin that are obtained by throwing Pikmin into a Scarlet Candypop Bud. They are resistant to explosions and are characterized by the small, turtle-like shell on their backs. Orange Pikmin appear overall similar to White Pikmin.


The following are the aboveground areas in which it is possible for the Hocotate ship to land:

  • Wistful Wild: An autumn forest.
  • Flooded Fields: A flooded and greener version of Awakening Wood.
  • Mystical Beach: A version of Perplexing Pool where grass and sand are switched.
  • Foreboding Forest: A green forest populated by many tough enemies.


A handful of new enemies are introduced:


One new candypop bud is introduced:


Two new obstacles are introduced: