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PikStones is a very complex game. It has, unfortunately, been suspended so MyPikPikCarrot can work on Pikia.


1,500 years ago

A glowing Pikmin was living on the planet alone. One day, it saw a meteorite land. In the meteorite were five stones: one red, one yellow, one blue, one purple, and one white. They had drawings of Pikmin of their color on them. The stones, when touched by the Pikmin, glowed and shot out a beam. The beam of each rock stopped in midair and produced a Pikmin of its color. After creating Pikminkind, the glowing Pikmin looked for a place to rest. It found an 8-level cave and settled in its 7th level. After sealing away the entrance to some rooms, it slept in one room for 1,000 years...

500 years ago

The glowing Pikmin was awakened by some White and Red Pikmin who broke its barrier. The Pikmin told him that the cave was going to explode, and they got out just in time. The glowing Pikmin caught the stones and, after recreating the cave using the purple and blue ones, scattered them. Resealing the entrances, he dug a hole in the wall exactly like him, and 5 like the stones. He embedded a power in the stones' holes and fell asleep.


This part of the story is being worked on.

A Red Pikmin comes to Hocotate and tells Olimar that he heard a legend of an invincible Pikmin, and needs help to find it. Olimar, who by now knows Pikmin language, agrees to go with him. However, when they get there, an evil menace is terrorizing the Forest of Hope. Only with the invincible Pikmin can they defeat him. Olimar realizes that a new Pikmin adventure is starting...

Work on the present is currently classified.