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Pikmin: The Book of Spells

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Pikmin: The Book of Spells is the second game in the Pikmin: Advanced Trilogy. Like its predecessor, this game features Telekeniki and his friend Cheeko.


This game takes place 2 years after the events of Pikmin: The Advanced Times. Telekeniki and Cheeko are called to go see the Mayor. He says that there is unatural comotion going around. He wants them to investigate. Cheeko asks for information about it, and the Mayor tells the duo that the phenomenon is called the Book of Spells, that can cast spells. Its biggest spell is the ability is to travel to the past and future! There are actually 3 parts of the book and are located in the past, present and future! Telekeniki and Cheeko go out to find all the parts before bad guys get their hands on it!


The gameplay is very much the same as Pikmin: The Advanced Times, but with the addition of the Book of Spells. Once the player finds it, they can cast spells once they get spell pellets that can be found by killing enemies.