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Pikmin: Redemption

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This article or image relates to the fanon game Pikmin: Redemption, created by Sir Pikmin.
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Pikmin: Redemption
Rating E10+- Mild Violence, Disturbing Images
Genre Strategy, 3-D Platformer
Platforms Wii, Wii U
Media Wii Optical Disc
Publisher Fallen Angel Games
Release dates TBD
Prequel Pikmin: Sinister Incinerator
Sequel Pikmin: Global Breakdown
Creator Sir Pikmin
Collaborators ???

Pikmin:Redemption is the second game in the Buildup Trilogy.


After Olimar, Louie, and the Pikmin rescued The President and defeated the Empire Deathstool they triumphantly returned to Hocotate. Once at home Olimar took a short break away from work with his family. When he returned to work he was surprised by his employer with a special mission: return to the Pikmin Planet and study the wildlife there more in-depth than before. Olimar gladly sped out in his newly repurchased S.S. Dolphin towards the third-planet of the alien sun. Luck was not on his side, however; because Space Pirates attacked him when he was just outside the Pikmin planet's orbit. They quickly overwhelmed him and shot out the Dolphin's engines, sending his prize ship again hurtling down towards the planet. The last thing he remembered was being sucked into a grey-colored Onion.

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World Map


These controls are for the Wii version using the Wiimote and Nunchuck attachment, however you can also use a GameCube controller to play.

*HOME Button can be used on all screens.

Field Controls

  • WIImote pointer-Controls the camera.
  • A button-Punch, Throw pikmin, Pluck pikmin, Talk
  • B button-Whistle,use with D-Pad to select sprays
  • Control Stick-Move leader, tilt slightly to move landing cursor, use in conjunction with C to command pikmin army
  • Plus-Opens menu screen
  • Minus-Brings up Piklopedia/Hoard menus
  • 1-Dismiss Pikmin
  • 2-Change leader
  • D-Pad- Use with B to select sprays,when holding pikmin: to change pikmin color held(Left and Right), to change selected pikmin stages(Up and Down)
  • C button-Use with Control stick to command army, hold Z and press this button to cycle through leader's abilities
  • Z button-Use currently selected ability, hold and press C to cycle through leader's abilities.

In-Game Menu Controls

  • WIImote pointer-Move the leaf icon
  • Control Stick-Select buttons
  • A button-Hover leaf icon over a button and press this to select that button.
  • B button-Cancel last action
  • Plus-Go to Piklopedia Menu
  • Minus-Exit menu
  • C+Z-Go to sunset menu
  • 1-Pikmin stats menu
  • 2-Hoard menu

Title Menu Controls

  • WIImote pointer-Move leaf icon
  • Control Stick-Select menu options
  • A button-Hover leaf icon over a button and press this to select it.
  • B button-Cancels last action

Pikmin Types

In Order of Attainability

Name Immunities Abilities Color Feature(s)
Red Pikmin Fire Strong Red Nose
White Pikmin Poison Digging White Red Eyes
Blue Pikmin Water Rescue drowning pikmin Blue Gills
Purple Pikmin Wind Super strength Purple Hair, fat
Tan Pikmin Quicksand & sandstorm Defusing sand hazards Tan Long, hollow tail
Yellow Pikmin Electricity Throw higher Yellow Ears
Grey Pikmin Dark matter Turn into Candypop Buds Graphite/Grey Teeth
Crystal Pikmin Omnimmune, excluding deathwave Blind enemies, activate light sensors Clear Diamond-like skin

Game Modes

  • Story Mode- Play through the main adventure either alone or with a buddy.
  • Multiplayer Mode- Play through a variety of game modes with 2-4 players either in split-screen or over the Online.
  • Challenge Mode- Uncover the secrets of the Pit of Redemption with or without a friend. (Unlocked in story mode progression)
  • Adventurers' Guide- Check Piklopedia and Hoard completion. (Unlocked in story mode progression)
  • Cutscene Viewer- View various cutscenes, as well as some other content (Unlocked in story mode progression)
  • Options- Change game options like brightness, sound level,etc.