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Pikmin: Treasure Colonization

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Pikmin: Treasure Colonization is a fan-game that is a sequel to the epilogue of Pikmin 3, Olimar's Comeback. In this game, Captain Olimar is to return to the planet, PNF-404, with a crew and a new ship. The reason, the President had gotten a brilliant idea of setting up a colonization to not only make new homes, but the main reason being easy transport of treasures found on the planet's surface and undergrounds. The idea came from when Louie was able to survive on the surface for so long. Now it is time for the Captain and the crew to return and make huge profits. This game is to release on the Nintendo Switch.


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  • Captain Olimar - Captain of the S.S. Dolphin. This time, he is now tasked to go back to PNF-404 with a crew. First one to discover Pikmin.
  • Louie - Apart of the crew to colonize the planet, he is here to be a help. Though he isn't the most reliable, he did survive on the planet's surface for sometime and already has experience with the local life.
  • Greg - An employee at Hocotate Freight, he was chosen because of availability....not the smartest choice in Olimar's opinion, but he will take him in as a crewmember either way.
  • Yin - Hired to be the replacement of the Hocotate Freight Company Ship, an excellent marketer who wanted a cool experience for her resume.
  • Tang - Used to be a sergeant, he was discharged and became an employee at Hocotate Freight. Chosen because of his original status of being a sergeant, and being great in combat situations.
  • Robin - A smart fellow, he is learning to become an engineer. He does not adventure with the rest of the crew, however, as he would like to have just a bit more time to work on projects and the sorts.
  • The President - The owner of Hocotate Freight, he had an idea for a business venture and decided to send Olimar and Louie with a group of employees to get more treasures.

Pikmin Types

  • Red Pikmin - Strong fighters and immune to the Fire Hazard.
  • Yellow Pikmin - High throwers and immune to the Electricity Hazard.
  • Blue Pikmin - Excellent swimmers and immune to the Water Hazard.
  • Purple Pikmin - Strong and powerful yet have no immunity other than to Panic and certain knockbacks.
  • White Pikmin - Able to see treasures underground and have an immunity to Poision.
  • Bulbmin - Very limited yet have an immunity to Fire, Electricity, Water, Poision, and to the Sunset.
  • Rock Pikmin - Powerful and able to break Crystals and Glass, have an immunity to Blunt Force.
  • Winged Pikmin - Weak fighters, but are amazing at working.
  • Clone Pikmin - Can create clones to help with work.
  • Slime Pikmin - Immune to Chemistry Hazards, and can stick onto things.
  • Ice Pikmin - Have a ice incasing like Rock Pikmin, and have an immunity to Ice Hazards.


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  • Poko Makers are treasures that are merely just for making Pokos, and nothing else.
  • Special Treasures are treasures that have some type of remark about them, such as an upgrade to the captains or the ship.
  • Parts are machines that are needed for the ability to colonize the planet of PNF-404.


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Information Section

Life on the planet

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Side Modes

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