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Winged Pikmin

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This article relates to the canonical games. See Pikipedia's "Winged Pikmin" article for more canonical information.
Winged Pikmin
A Winged Pikmin in flight.
Resistance Ground attacks
Attack 5
Digging Speed Average
Mobility 50
Throw 10
Carrying capacity 1
Candypop Pink Candypop Bud

Winged Pikmin are a Pikmin species that first appears in Pikmin 3; they were revealed in a Nintendo Direct broadcast on 17th April 2013 as the eighth Pikmin type. They are pink with large blue eyes, their bodies are striped in darker pink, and they have indigo flowers like Rock Pikmin. They are needed to defeat the boss of Twilight River, the Scornet Maestro.

Winged Pikmin are the fourth Pikmin type in Pikmin 3, and are discovered in the Twilight River. Along the river is an area where an Arachnode web can be found, and destroying said obstacle frees the pink Onion from its grasp. After doing so, it released a single winged Pikmin seed, allowing more of Pikmin to be propagated. As with other Onions, it merges with the main Onion at the end of the day.

In Fanon-Games

Pikmin: Adventure of Four

In this game, Winged Pikmin are immune to Wind, or being blown away. Winged Pikmin are discovered in Snow Head.

Pikmin Forever

KHA Logo.png Pikmin Forever
This article or section contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin Forever, which was created by Scruffy, a user on this wiki.
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Winged Pikmin are the eighth type of Pikmin discovered in Pikmin Forever, the final type discovered in the story. Winged Pikmin do not have an Onion in this game; like White and Purple Pikmin, they can only be obtained from Candypop Buds. Winged Pikmin can still fly over obstacles and pull up Flukeweeds, and they are still the best for airborne combat. Now, however, they gain a great advantage from a new gameplay mechanic: the paper towel obstacle. They can lift a paper towel from the stack to carry other Pikmin across obstacles like water and pollution. One Winged Pikmin can carry one non-Winged Pikmin, meaning a maximum of 50 non-Winged Pikmin can be carried (leaders cannot be carried). Winged Pikmin can be ordered to carry a paper towel anywhere, or even to follow a leader, but once Winged Pikmin are ordered to drop the paper towel, it rips and disintegrates.

Pikmin: Treasure Colonization

Winged Pikmin
Winged Pikmin Flower.png
Resistance Grounded Attacks
Attack Below Average
Digging Speed Below Average
Mobility Average
Throw Average
Carrying capacity 1
Candypop Pink Candypop Bud
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Kingdom [[PikminFanon:Taxonomy Project/Therobotania|Therobotania]]
Phylum [[PikminFanon:Taxonomy Project/Pikosimilis|Pikosimilis]]
Class [[PikminFanon:Taxonomy Project/Motopiknia|Motopiknia]]
Family [[PikminFanon:Taxonomy Project/Pikmin|Pikmin]]
Genus [[PikminFanon:Taxonomy Project/Vivian|Vivian]]
Species V. Curnuonia

More Information

  • Size: Body Length: 20mm
  • Sour Spray Carrying Capacity: 4

Winged Pikmin are able to avoid many hazards without actually having an immunity. Grounded Attacks, Crushing, Water (Bodies of water), Falling, Medium to Low Toxic Chemistry Hazards, and falling into a pit. This doesn't mean they can't be affected, as there are situations in which Winged Pikmin can still die from these Hazards. Being on the ground will make them now able to die from Grounded Attacks and Crushing. They'll normally fly above water, however, they can still be knocked into water, in which they can drown. Same thing with chemistry hazards. The two exceptions are falling and falling into a pit. Because they can fly, they are best used for working! They're the ninth to be discovered. If a Pikmin is falling to their impending doom, a Winged Pikmin can be commanded to save said Pikmin. They can also pick up Pikmin out of the water and into dry land. They have a purple colored flower.

"I'm still researching into why these Pikmin evolved into growing wings, but becoming weaker. A theory in the community is that they have a bee kind of hierarchy. This could also explain their little pink band mark on their body." - Captain Olimar

"A weak Pikmin type, however, their saving grace is the air! With such wings, and dedication, they are able to attack enemies that have taken flight much more easier." - Tang

"Efficiency at it's finest! These Pikmin can traverse many areas with no problem. Just keep them to work on the longer tasks and to fight airborne enemies and we'll be solid!" - Robin