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Pikmin 3: The New Exploration

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Pikmin 3: The New Exploration begins with Olimar and the President finally getting ready to leave the Pikmin Planet and return home. Olimar asks the Pikmin to put Louie in a pool of water so he could wake up. After packing they leave the planet. All five of the Pikmin looked down and started crying, Each and every one of them went to different areas and them that their homes. Meanwhile back on Hocotate, The Ship begins auction and sells every treasure to different citizens. They made an extra 10 Pokos for selling Louie to his Grandmother. The President picked up all of the Pokos and went to go shopping. Olimar looked up to the sky and wondered how the Pikmin were doing. When they got to the store, the President gave Olimar half of the Pokos then gave half to himself. He told them that the rest would go to the dept he had to pay. Olimar looked at the Pokos and went to by his ship, the S.S Dolphin. He flew back to the planet of Pikmin and vowed to stay with them for as long as they needed.

Pikmin Types

Red Pikmin
This type of Pikmin can handle the blasts from fire. They have a new unique skill to smell different hazards in the area. They will walk up to the Captain and tap them.
Yellow Pikmin
Yellow Pikmin can jump such high places! They can also handle the shocks from electricity. They're skill to throw Bomb-Rocks are back.
Blue Pikmin
Blue Pikmin love to swim in water and they also act like Lifeguards torwards other Pikmin.
Purple Pikmin
The strongest Pikmin of all can stun many enemies, they can also carry 10 times they're weight.
White Pikmin
The fastest Pikmin of all can dig underground and get past different Gases and Poisons.
Cyan Pikmin
This new type of Pikmin can defrost snow and ice blocks. They can also become Flower Pikmin by themselves because of the water they store in they're leaves.
Green Pikmin
A new type of Pikmin that can survive acid and can kill many plants with one touch.
Black Pikmin
This new type of Pikmin can stick on enemies for a long lime because of their Muddy hands and feet.