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Pikmin: Treasure Trove

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Pikmin: Treasure Trove
Rating N/A
Genre N/A
Platform(s) N/A
Media N/A
Publisher N/A
Release Dates N/A
Prequel Pikmin 2
Sequel N/A
Creator Camonation22
Collaborator(s) None

Note: I'm picking this back up after almost three years! Unfortunately, I forgot my old account's login information so I made a new one.


After the events of Pikmin 2, Olimar returns from PNF-404. The President saw new hope in Hocotate Freight, so he considered hiring more employees. Captain Olimar agreed since he wanted more time off work to see his family. So the President hired four leaders, but the expenses were high. Then something terrible occurred, and it was that Hocotate's main customer, a neighboring planet known as Driak, stopped buying pikpik carrots! To get in range of another possible main customer, Hocotate Freight would need to upgrade their Radio-Locator; unfortunately, this would be very expensive, costing over Poko × 100,000! The President thought all was over, but Captain Olimar gave him an idea: it was going to PNF-404! Captain Doko, one of the newly hired leaders, was brave enough to go to PNF-404 for Captain Olimar! Captain Doko got his ship ready to go, and he was going to risk it all for his company. So Captain Doko took off and headed for PNF-404, all alone... He had a steady flight using his location devices to detect anything nearby. He made a good approach and began his descent, and then made a perfect landing! He hopped out of his ship, which was only a company-assigned ship. He looked around the vast land, it was freezing with snow everywhere. Captain Doko was ready, and he had his two key components; the whistle and Captain Olimar's guide on PNF-404. And so began his journey!



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  • Polar Plateau (first area)
    • Crystal Cavern (first cave)
    • Cyrotic Freeze (second cave)
    • Frost Grotto (third cave)
    • Bulblax Cove (fourth cave)
  • Foresty Haze (second area)
    • Jungis Junction (first cave)
    • Snagret Burrow (second cave)
    • Oliveen Oasis (third cave)
    • Cranny Shallows (fourth cave)
  • Doko Desert (third area)
    • Dune Rock (first cave)
    • Playbox Glenn (second cave)
    • Wolly Den (third cave)
    • Bravery Abyss (fourth cave)
  • Tallan Plains (fourth area)
    • River Nest (first cave)
    • Bolten Bust (second cave)
    • Floodway North (third cave)
    • Cloaking Conway (fourth cave)


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