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Pikmin: The Titan Dweevil's Return

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Olimar and Louie are heading home when they notice something. The Purple and White Pikmin! And they didn't leave the ship. Making a U-turn, Olimar and Louie head back. But, what they didn't know was the White and Purple Pikmin did leave. The Titan Dweevil had returned, and they had fallen into its trap. And the Pikmin are becoming extinct.




Control Stick-Move Olimar/Louie


  • Red Pikmin - They are very strong, and are resistant to fire.
  • Yellow Pikmin - They can be thrown very high, and are resistant to electricity.
  • Blue Pikmin - They can save drowning Pikmin, and are resistant to water.
  • Purple Pikmin - They are very strong, ultra heavy, super slow, and can carry the weight of ten grams instead of one gram.
  • White Pikmin - They are very fast. If an enemy eats them, the enemy loses some HP. They are also resistant to poison, and can see treasures underground.
  • Cyan Pikmin - They can float for a short time and are resistant to Ice.
  • Orange Pikmin - They can see treasures underground, and are resistant to quick sand.
  • Pink Pikmin - They are very fast.

Enemies (All have returned, I just listed new.):


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