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Pikmin: Final Destiny

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A few years after the events of Pikmin 2, Olimar is sent back to the Pikmin Planet (along with Louie and Sagittarius) by the President to find treasures for his collection. Once there, they find Red Pikmin. Normal so far. Things change when, in the first dungeon in Artificial Forest (the first area), Olimar finds Koreli, brown-colored Pikmin which their leader Sphimae explains that they are doomed without the Orb of Light, and will die in ten days. The captains (now including Sphimae) set out to the Plain of Dreams, with the Brown Pikmin's help, get the Orb of Light. Just then, Louie gets a phone call from the President stating that he needs an Orb of Darkness for a factory manufacturing Hocotate robots. They travel through six more regions, finding new Pikmin and enemies along the way. Just after the treasure's retrieval, Louie falls down a dark hole. They must go into the 35 floor dungeon Hole of All Doom to rescue Louie.

New Pikmin And Enemies

New Pikmin

Orange Pikmin Bulbmin overground

Green Pikmin, immune to acid and lava, have twice the health of a normal Pikmin

Cyan Pikmin, immune to freeze, can break through walls efficiently

Black Pikmin, immune to ash, tar and oil, can light up dark caves

Brown Pikmin, immune to explosions and squashing, can fly, can pick up 50 times what a normal Pikmin can

Gray Pikmin, immune to antimatter and strong winds, can teleport other Pikmin out of danger

Gold Pikmin, immune to the sunset, can pick up 5 times what a normal Pikmin can

New Enemies

Blue Bulborb

Green Bulborb

Dwarf Blue Bulborb

Dwarf Green Bulborb

Vanilla Breadbug

Adult Whiskerpillar

Burrowing Snarrow



Combustion Bulblax

Poison Goolix

Fire Of Doom

And many more!


Artificial Forest

Plain of Dreams

Moon Shadow

Grave Site

Mysterious Crater

War Lands

Door of Life

Dave's Toy Box

Lost Tower