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Gold Pikmin

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This article contains information about the non-canon game, Pikmin: Gold/Silver/Bronze, created by GoldPikPik.
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This Pikmin is or has been a featured Pikmin. For the current featured Pikmin, see the Main Page.
This Gold Pikmin has taken the whistle off from around its neck.

A Gold Pikmin is a certan pikmin that can act as a captian in place of Olimar or Louie. It is the third phase in its life cycle which includes the Bronze Pikmin (Leaf) Silver Pikmin (Bud) and the Gold Pikmin (flower-duh) All three stages sink in water.

Physical Description

It has a silver flower and has a bronze whistle (That it earns in its "Gathering of the Silver" ceremony when it is at the end of its Silver Stage) hanging around it's neck.


Olimar (or Louie) can activate the pikmin's "Leadership Mode" by throwing it on the ground. It cannot become activated until it becomes a Gold Pikmin. After being activated up to 15 pikmin will follow this substitute "captian". You can play as the gold pikmin by selecting the glowing button on the bottom left-hand side of the screen that appears when you activate the pikmin. Only one Gold Pikmin can be activated at any one time.


The Gold Pikmin's onion is ruby outlined in gold. It seems to fly higher then a regular onion and holds 3 different colors Bronze Pikmin,Silver Pikmin,Gold Pikmin

Thanks to Sir Pikmin for Sprites

In Pikmin: Louie's Revenge

In Pikmin: Louie's Revenge, Gold Pikmin are Pikmin that have wandered into a Volitarium Core, and have become Volitarinised. They can do eveything that the other 10 Pikmin species can, but are only found in caves, and cannot be brought to the surface. The Candypop Buds used to create Gold Pikmin are Glimmering Candypop Buds, and they are only found very late in the game.

Pikmin Choronicles

A Gold Pikmin gazes at a Yellow Pikmin sprout. Note the similarities between the Purple and Gold Pikmin.

Gold Pikmin are a type of pikmin said to appear in Pikmin Choronicles. They are rather odd-looking. They are a golden colour with the slightest tint of green, have wrinkley skin and slighly pointed heads, and are somewhat stocky and heavy. They look highly similar to Purple Pikmin, with a few differences...


Gold Pikmin have the same abilities as Purple pikmin, except they can only carry that of 5 pikmin rather than 10. They can also be thrown slightly higher than their purple cousins, and will make a full arc in the air before land back with a thud. Their pound will stun enemies for a shorter time than that of Purples, but unlike purples, they actually have immunites. Gold Pikmin are immune to natural acids such as acidic enemies. It is beleived that Gold and White Pikmin are immune to the toxic gas emited by Smoky Proggs, but this has yet to be confirmed...