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Pikmin 15: Thousands of Years Later

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Pikmin 15: Thousands of Years Later

This story takes place... Obviously, thousands of years after the original discovery of the planet. It's when Olimars son's, son's, son's, son's (You can see this goes lots and lots of generations)... (His name is... uh... I don;t know yet. I'll think of one.)

Anyway, he is informed about his ancestor Olimars' great discovery of an alien planet. He borrows a spaceship from his father one day (spacesuit and all, of course!) and looks around for it. Unlike his ancestor (I think Olimar's pretty ancient this game.. better start calling him an ancient ancestor), he has missed the asteroid which continously orbited the planet (same Pikmin 1 asteroid) because fairy tales about how the crash happened were everywhere. But he puts on the full speed switch and manages to crash anyway. Only 5 pices, not vital pieces, fall off. Why? He was flying the SS Dolphin! He wanted to look for them anyway but when he lands in Sunray Fields, he sees a small Dwarf Cyan Bulborb fighting three Blue Pikmin. He doesn't know what to do so he whistles to help him think. Before he knows it, the three Blues are by his side.

This page is still being fixed up and worked on! Will continue when I can.)