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Lion's Mane Jellyfloat

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Lion's Mane Jellyfloat The icon for this enemy hasn't yet been created.
Scientific name Cephalus leo
Family Jellyfloat
Caves Fire Den
Attacks Eats Pikmin, burns Pikmin

The Lion's Mane Jellyfloat is the semifinal boss of Pikmin Z. It is a species of jellyfloat, orange in coloration.


  • Diet: fire
  • Predators: unknown

This species of jellyfloat is the largest known. Once it is awakened in its chamber, it will slowly fly around the area, occasionally inhaling fire from the Fiery Bulblaxes and Dwarf Fiery Bulblaxes in the area, using it as fuel to spray fire. It can also suck in Pikmin like any regular jellyfloat can.

Piklopedia Entry

"Such a peculiar jellyfloat species, as I only found dwarf jellyfloats where this creature is found. No other species are found in the same area. Does that mean it is the parent of a dwarf jellyfloat? ... Unlikely."


The Lion's Mane Jellyfloat is too high up in the air to hit with most Pikmin types. This means that a high vantage point must be found and utilized to throw Pikmin, preferably Red Pikmin because of their immunity to fire, onto the creature. Keep in mind that the Lion's Mane Jellyfloat will inhale the flames of nearby Fiery Bulblaxes and their dwarf counterparts and use it to burn Pikmin, inhaling any Pikmin nearby as well.