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Pikilogo.png This page contains information relating to Pikmin Fanon's Community. Pikilogo.png

Guild Notice:

Big changes are coming to the wiki! All Guild members, Red Bulborb or otherwise, are encouraged to participate.


The Guild of Bulborbs is a group that is dedicated to helping improve the wiki.


The Guild of Bulborbs is a group of users that all work together to improve the wiki. Users who wish to join must first make a request to the Spotty Bulbear to join the Guild. If he/she approves, the Spotty Bulbear will present the user with an apprentice guild sig of the type they qualify for and wish to be (for example, if a user applies for the duties of an Apprentice Red Bulborb, they should not be made an Apprentice Orange Bulborb).

Other Guild Related-Pages

This is a list of pages involving the Guild of Bulborbs.

  • PikminFanon:Guild of Bulborbs/Working Wild - The home base of the leader of the order, the Spotty Bulbear. Come here if you wish to enter the Guild or get upgraded to a higher rank. If you have suggestions involving the Guild, feel free to give them here.