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Template:Infobox Pikmin

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Infobox Pikmin
Resistance None
Attack Average
Digging Speed Average
Mobility Average
Throw Average
Carrying capacity 1
Candypop None


This template is to be used at the top of Pikmin articles. It places an information box on the top-right corner of the page.

Pages with this template are automatically categorized into the corresponding category: Pikmin family.


Parameter Mandatory Default Detailed description
name No {{PAGENAME}} If the name of the Pikmin is different from the title of the page, specify it here.
image No Image for the infobox, extension included.
size No The image's size.
caption No The image's caption, if needed.
icon No If the Pikmin has an icon, specify its image here, extension included. If the icon is a placeholder, place Dummy-icon pikmin.png here.
resistance Yes None What hazards the Pikmin is resistant to. If the Pikmin isn't immune to any hazards, type "None".
strength Yes Average The Pikmin's attack strength, qualitative. Examples: low, average, high.
digging Yes Average The Pikmin's digging speed, qualitative. Examples: low, average, high.
mobility Yes Average How quickly the Pikmin moves, qualitative. Examples: low, average, high.
throw Yes Average How high and far the Pikmin can be thrown, qualitative. Examples: low, average, high.
carry Yes 1 The Pikmin's carrying capacity, quantitative. Examples: 1, 5, 10.
candypop Yes None The candypop bud associated with this Pikmin color. If no such candypop bud exists, type "None".
nocat No Giving this a value like "y" makes the template not auto-categorize the Pikmin.


{{infobox Pikmin