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Shows game icons next to the page title. These are used to quickly highlight which games the subject applies to or are related to.


Parameter Mandatory Default Detailed description
p1 pikmin1 No If this has a value, like "y", a white P will appear, symbolizing Pikmin.
p2 pikmin2 No Same as above, but a violet 2 for Pikmin 2.
p3 pikmin3 No Same as above, but an orange 3 for Pikmin 3.
hp heypik No Same as above, but an H in a speech bubble for Hey! Pikmin.
pa pikadv No Same as above, but a red A for Pikmin Adventure.


{{game icons|p=<y>|p2=<y>|p3=<y>|heypik=<y>|pikadv=<y>}}