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Forgotten War Series

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This article or section contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin Forever, which was created by Scruffy, a user on this wiki.
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The Forgotten War Series is a collection of metal objects in Pikmin Forever. The objects are all culinary utensils and articles that are mistaken by Olimar and his partners for colossal weapons and military equipment perhaps used in a large-scale war on PNF-404. Although they surmise this chilling thought, they do not consider every metal object to be of offensive use. Some, like the Meteor Mitt, are strictly for defense, and the group of "Extrusion" objects are passive, perhaps communicative sculptures.


Name Real life item Location Metal Value Weight Max.
Barbaric Extrusion Club cookie cutter Ceramic Rift 25 7 15
Blossom Skeleton Whisk Ceramic Rift 50 12 25
Buffed Gangplank Small butterknife Emperor's Crown 25 5 10
Clandestine Coil Spiral heating element Daybreak Glade 100 20 30
Concave Accomplice Dessert spoon Ceramic Rift 50 7 15
Confident Extrusion Spade cookie cutter Flurry Shelter 25 7 15
Creature Polarizer Small strainer head Ceramic Rift 50 20 40
Cyclone Chalice Spiral egg holder Saturated Temple 50 10 20
De-aberration Wand Dental mirror Scalding Thicket 25 8 16
Energetic Scourge Bottle opener Luxuriant Lakeside 25 6 12
Enigmatic Appendage Faucet head Ceramic Rift 100 20 30
Four-Pronged Menace Fork Ceramic Rift 50 5 10
Merciless Extractor Juicer Ceramic Rift 100 20 30
Mineral Extricator Corkscrew Forbidding Precipice 25 8 16
Meteor Mitt Miniature pie plate Arthropod Sanctum 25 7 15
Occupied Art-form Metal mortar and pestle Ceramic Rift 100 35 60
Razor Plane Flat cheese grater Ceramic Rift 100 20 40
Saccharine Shield Ice cream scoop Scalding Thicket 50 15 30
Sociable Extrusion Heart cookie cutter Ceramic Rift 25 7 15
Surreal Extrusion Diamond cookie cutter Hole of Heat 25 7 15
Towering Reservoir Water bottle Scalding Thicket 250 15 25
Vorpal Platter Soda can lid Ceramic Rift 25 7 15