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Whiptongue Bulborb Game

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Whiptongue Bulborb game by Princess Peach.


as a Whiptongue Bulborb, you get revenge against the evil trio, and their Pikmin.


2 of these * means you have allies!

    • Whiptongue Bulborb Haven
  • Pikmin Garden
  • Bulbmin Area
    • Red Bulborb Garden
  • Twisted Cavern



2 of these ** means that it was an enemy of your Whiptongue Bulborb in Armored Mawdad Game.

  • Blue Whiptongue Bulborb, eat 20 Pikmin.
    • Armored Mawdad, eat 50 Pikmin in 1 day.
  • Blue Bulborb, eat 100 Pikmin in 1 day.
  • Orange Whiptongue Bulborb, eat 500 Pikmin