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Hi, I'm XXOs! I'm a Sprout (well, if you include custom ranks, then Master Sprout), but I am trying to become a Leaf so that I can join The Guild of Bulblorbs!

I am also on the Pikipedia wiki as |Pikmin X

Please help me out by commenting on my talk page!


(PS. If you don't know the criteria for becoming a leaf, go here.)

(PPS. Sorry about me being in the "Leaders" category. I just used the template!)

Template:Infobox Leader

My Ranks
Sprout rank.png

Master Sprout rank.png

Directly above is not official, but fan-made by Toad1

Friend/other people userboxes
P2 Man-at-Legs.jpg
Other userboxes
KHA Logo.png

Nintendo logo.png


Minecraft Grass Block.png




Brain small.png