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Hello everyone, and welcome to my user page for Pikmin Fanon! My goal here is to at least receive Bud rank, and/or Flower rank. Most stuff about me and tricks I know can be found on Pikpediea, and I can also be found at the Mariowiki.

Fanon Game Plans

  • Pikmin: Theme Park. Missing an enemy and boss page, but mostly complete.
  • An unknown sequel to Theme Park. Working on a name. It is available on the Nintendo Switch.
  • Pikmin: Create. Just planning on release. It is available on the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS.

Wiki Appearence

Ever since I was stranded on Pikpedia, I got knocked out by a Red Bulborb. The Pikmin carried me to their onion, which ended up to be a Winged Pikmin Onion. I was accepted in. Once the seed was sent out, it ended up being blue, which normal Flying Pikmin are pink. That blue one was special- it was me. In the Pikpedia, I was still a normal Red-Shell Koopa. I was living a perfect life. When all of a sudden, I found the Pikmin. A bit later, I lost my breath. I put on a space helmet and I spotted a MASSIVE BAR OF CHOCOLATE. I screamed this:

for a set amount of time.

Once that chaos ended, a giant Red Bulborb was spotted by a group of Pikmin. I was too fat to move. The Bulborb homed at me. I was about to get eaten by a Bulborb! The results ended out as this: I was Knocked Out, but the Red Pikmin saved my life. Also, I lost all that fat I gained from the chocolate bar. Then, I became a Blue Winged Pikmin. End of story. GO HOME.

Simple Userbox Tower
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Pikmin 2

I have recently brought this game home, also.

  • I have done the following:
    • I have defeated the Empress Bulbax once, I may not fight her again.
    • I have discovered Purple and White Pikmin.
    • I have defeated the Burrowing Snageret once.
    • I have discovered AND unlocked Yellow Pikmin.
    • I have defeated the Beady Long Legs once, I will only fight it again if I have to in the Perplexing Pool. This was done in the cave where it is found.
    • I have attempted to defeat the Emperor Bulbax once, but his jump attack smashed all of my Pikmin. Luckily, it was only a partial exinction, as if all of the Pikmin in Louie's group when I entered got safely to their areas/Onions.
    • I have also managed to defeat a Firey Bulbax, the first attempt I had to cause an exinction via Sunset, because all of my Pikmin would have died. After that, I went to the Valley of Repose to start a recovery mission. The second attempt I successfully defeated it.

Favorites/ Least Favorites

  • Favorite Enemy: Dwarf Red Bulborb
    • Reason: It is very easy to defeat, it is also cute in general. I might get a plush of one someday.
  • Least Favorite Enemy: None
    • Reason: I have not dicided yet. It might be the Firey Bulbax
  • Favorite Boss: Man-at-Legs
    • Reason: It matches my style even though a little creepy. However, I have not yet defeated it.
  • Least Favorite Boss: Emperor Bulbax (Pikmin 2)
    • Reason: It's jump attack is very hard to avoid. Also, it's gross when it tries to lick my Pikmin. The first time I tried to defeat him he actually damaged Olimar with his jump attack!


Typing in {{RoboIanFriend}} should make this appear:

Blue Winged Pikmin.png

. Doing so will make you my friend!

Bulborb Bar History

See Also: The Bulborb Bar

I am in the hall of fame of being the head of construction, however I am only a customer and delivery. I usually buy Bulborb Juice, and sometimes Bulbax Beer Kid Edition. I come here commonly since it is close to my ship, the Sorensen Rover. One day, that ship nearly got destroyed, more likely heavily damaged. I then had to rebuild it, making it the Sorensen Rover Revamped. This bar is also located at multiple locations, since many were built. The one I go to is in the Misty Forest, and occasionally the Garden of Hope. The Misty Forest is actually not misty, instead a normal forest, and my most common landing site.

My Current Goals

  1. Try to get at least the rank of Flower.
  2. Try to get through Pikmin 3. I'm sorta stuck on it.
  3. Add the enemy list to Pikmin: Theme Park
  4. Try to think of a sequel for my fan game. (Note: Any staff members once this game is to be added to the Wiki in the original game will be staff in the sequel.)