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Writing is an art. It is natural for Humans to urge organization. It is the oldest art of our known world. Pikmin Fanon, a Fanfiction/Fanon website must utilize this talent unless It will decline as the ancient Roman Empire did. If all of the users on this Website began to just not care, we would decline. We would decline anyways after Pikmin is forgotten and we were begotten. If we would become an America of Wikis, ironic because we actually broke from Wikia and became independent, we would prosper. As we have done that, we slightly lost the innovation and creativity for making good-quality Pikmin Fanon. I write in hopes that I will motivate you in your quest to make good quality Pikmin Fanon.

Good Quality

"Quality is better than quantity."

Having good initiative is great for an article, but don't just write the skeleton. We want to know everything you can create. They say that humans use 1% of thier brain capacity, so lets actually USE 1%!!. A good article will have a "presentable" image with an infobox, you know, the codes are on the respective Template pages. You need at least two paragraphs of words, not one paragraph with many spaces. And please do not misuse commas. People will not read your article if you have bad grammar. Start your own Portuguese Pikmin Fanon for Goodness sakes! Also try to spell as if you are in a spelling bee. A good article will utilize all of these in unison to make it all organized and fun to read.


"Creativity is more important than knowledge."
-Albert Einstein

Having a good understanding about Pikmin just doesn't make you a 5-star Pikmin Fanon editor. You need Imagination, Creativity and Character. If you can conceive, you can achieve. Imagination is one of the key concepts for anything Fanon. You should Imagine the scene before you type your dreams. Imagination is important, but you must Create to Imagine. Everyone has the same amount of creativity, but everyone uses different levels of it. The Creativity is used a lot, but Character is what it builds. You should use the events in real life, experiences that build character in your Fiction. These all build up the content of the article, and used with the tips from the last section, should help with most of the article-making.