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    Hi! I'm working on a game called Pikmin 4 (Wii U). I will make two sequels to Pikmin 4, which are Pikmin 5: The Unknown and Pikmin 6: The Final Stand. Come check them out! Ask your questions about my game on my talk page.

    I made a Pikmin Fanon Engine expansion pack. It includes:

    • New Pikmin with their respective onions.
    • Hairy Bulborb along w/ its dwarf variant.
    • Frozen Burrow-nit
    • New Maps
    • A new ship
    • A new Captain.


    • Make Maps
    • enemies <---- TAKES VERY LONG...
    • Treasure
    • Create Boss Pages

    Miyamoto announced more pikmin games! We are all excited for the next installment aren't we?

    Sig 1:

    Pikmin-peanut.gif ~ I'm BallsAngus, and I rule the pikmin planet.

    Sig 2:

    Pikwalk.gif ~ I'm BallsAngus, and I rule the pikmin planet.

    Pikmin Stuff

    Pikmin High Score: 10 days Total Pikmin:

    • Red: 507
    • Yellow: 201
    • Blue: 324

    Pikmin 2 High Score: 10 Days Total Pikmin:

    • Red: 1905
    • Yellow: 1784
    • Blue: 5897
    • Purple: 1972
    • White: 981

    As of Day 394.

    Pikmin 3 High Score: 10 Days (46 Fruits) 20 Days (66 Fruits) Total Pikmin:

    • Red: 674
    • Yellow: 789
    • Blue: 1998
    • Rock: 577
    • Winged: 1084

    All mission mode levels (Except Plasm Wraith, that one is TOUGH...) have a platinum medal.

    Friend template:


    Type {{BFriend}} to get it to appear.

    Pikmin Fanon Engine Sprites:

    Pikifen Cyan Pikmin by BallsAngus.png Pikifen Black Pikmin by BallsAngus.png Pikifen Orange Pikmin by BallsAngus.png Pikifen Frozen Burrow-nit by BallsAngus.png

    Pikifen Black Onion by BallsAngus.png Pikifen Cyan Onion by BallsAngus.png Pikifen Orange Onion by BallsAngus.png

    BallsAngus's Userbox Tower
    Bud rank.png



    P2 Pileated Snagret.jpg


    Minecraft Grass Block.png

    Wii U logo.png


    P1 Goolix.png


    P2 Breadbug.png

    Brain small.png

    P2 Beady Long Legs.png


    P2 Red Bulborb.png

    PCotW Cyan Pikmin.png

    Ender Acid Fire Charge.png