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Topic: I need some help

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I am a new user, the PikminFanatic23, and I need some help doing things...

1. Creating those little boxes when a user is done talking to another user. (I do not have one yet)

2. Figuring out the Wiki Government so I know the rules.

3. Having a Userbox Tower. (is it mandatory?)

4. Creating and figuring out all those talk pages and archives and stuff like that...

5. Having the other Users know me.

Well, I hope I didn't make the questions too complex...

User: PikminFanatic23

Well, anybody who checks on PikminFanatic23 now (he has renamed himself PikFan23) will see that he no longer requires an explanation. But, in case other new users can relate to his, I will answer the question.

1. If I understand correctly, he wants to make sections. To do that, he should put "==whatever new title he wants here==". If you want a straight line, just put "<hr>" .

2. Read the rules and ask an administrator if you are not sure about something.

3. No, it is not mandatory. To start a userbox, put "{{userboxtop| ''your title here'' | ''left or right, whichever side you want it to be on''}}". Then, put the userbox templates you want under the template. Put "{{userboxbottom}}" at the bottom, and you have a userbox!

4. Learn gradually, as to explain everything would take forever.

5. Introduce yourself to other users and be active! Those two combined will give you a high likelihood of making and keeping friends. Spotty Bulbear Spotty Bulbear Peach Bulborb

I asked this when I was still a new user over two years ago, and had very little wiki experience. I don't need my questions answered now; if someone else asks, you or I can answer them! :P ~PikFan23 (Admin)

This question here seems like a relic of a bygone age... Peach Bulborb icon.png I'm Peach Bulborb, and I approve all grub dogs. (Sysop)