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Toadmin (game)

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Toadmin art goes here when complete Toadmin
This Article Contains information about a non-canon game, Toadmin, made by Toad1Profileimage.pngToad1.
Toadmin art goes here when complete
Everyone 10+
Content Descriptors
Mild Cartoon Violence
Switch, Demo on 3DS, Ported to PC, Xbox One and PS4 by PortCo LTD
Regular Pikmin Game
Story, Bingo Battle, Toadmin Warriors, Mission, Story-2 (Story-2 is unlocked after beating the main story)
Release Date
August 3rd, 2020 (US) other versions also expected to release in 2020, but dates are unknown.
Prequel (not the right word but there's no better term)

Toadmin is a game developed by the newly formed Pikmin Team.

Story modes

Original Story Mode Story

Olimar is flying through space with Louie and the President when all of a sudden, they crash land on a new planet.

On this planet they find Pikmin, which is not much of a surprise at this point, including a new type which they dub a Toadmin.

When exploring a place known as the Neko Caverns, the Trio finds a Mysterious Figure.


it's literally the same but with the Pikmin 3 trio. this mode also adds the drinking fruit juice thing from Pikmin 3.

Side Modes

Bingo Battle and Mission Mode

they're both literally the exact same as in Pikmin 3.

Notably, Collect Treasure in Mission Mode and Bingo Battle are the only places in the game where treasure is seen.

Toadmin Warriors

It's a battle mode where both players play as Toadmin and with Pikmin (other than Toadmin) must try to kill eachother without dying.

A deluxe version is being made available of this mode just a week after the release of the main game. it includes more maps and more ACTION!!!! (so basically just more maps)

Shadow Stories DLC pack

The Shadow Stories DLC Pack contains these features: Play as Ramilo and his sidekick Eiuol in both the new Story-3 Mode and Bingo Battle ...that's about it... (See Ramilo's article for more details on the story of Story-3 mode.)

Some sources call the DLC pack "Alternate Anecdotes" and others "Side Story" These are likely prototype names for the DLC pack, and they make more sense one explanation for why is that some people don't know what "Anecdote" means and "Side Story" would make people think it's well..a Sidestory and they instead changed it because they wanted it to seem less like a Side Story and more like an important one.

The Shadow Stories DLC Pack releases in 2021.