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February 15, 2011
A new format for the enemy pages has been decided on. For an example of the format, visit the Red Bulborb article. To comment on the new format, go here.

October 29, 2010
Pikmin: Ultimate Doom is now in progress!! Feel free to read about the exciting conclusion to the Buildup Trilogy.

October 8, 2010
We have been officially welcomed into NIWA! Congratulations to all who helped!

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The After Years.jpg

Pikmin:The After Years is a game created by Gamefreak75. This game has 7 areas, each with 4 caves. There are 500 treasures. There are also new enemies and many old ones. No new Pikmin are found. It is also the first game in the Dark Trilogy.

The President has retired and has given his position to Captain Olimar and Louie is on a vacation with his new wife, Luisa. Olimar's son and daughter have grown up and live on with their lives. Olimar decides to take a vacation with his wife and go to the Pikmin Planet. During his journey however, his ship is hit with a strong gamma ray that came from the planet. His ship then plummets to the planet, but fortunately stays in one piece. After the dilemma, Olimar realizes that the once beautiful planet of the Pikmin has become a barren wasteland.

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