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Pikmin: Wide World

Pikmin: Wide World is a non-canonical, fan-made Pikmin game concept created by Cheepy-Cheepy. It includes and incorporates many features, elements, and mechanics of all three mainline Pikmin games, Hey! Pikmin, and some features of Pikmin Adventure, but also introduces entirely new features, concepts, and mechanics, and expands on existing ones. Pikmin: Wide World is designed to be much like a traditional, official Pikmin game. Chronologically, it takes place immediately after the events of Pikmin 3.

As the S.S. Drake approaches Hocotate, Captain Olimar and the Koppaite trio of Alph, Brittany, and Captain Charlie exchange their goodbyes. The ship lands on the bare lot of Hocotate Freight, which Olimar chose as the ship's landing site due to its familiarity with him. Olimar waves goodbye to his saviors as he steps out of the spacecraft and onto the hard, asphalt ground. Olimar turns to watch the S.S. Drake take off into the sky, but as he turns around again, he is suddenly met by the President of Hocotate Freight, Shacho. Panicked, Shacho reminds Olimar that the company is still in its mountainous debt of Poko × 45,000, which he had sent Olimar and Louie to pay off. The debt was caused by Shacho recklessly spending the company's funds on a new business venture and taking out a massive loan to reimburse his losses, which he does at Happy Hocotate Savings and Loan, recalling what happened when he took out a loan from the All-Devouring Black Hole Loan Sharks. He demands to know where the Pokos and treasures are, but he stops to realize a few crucial details: no emails were being exchanged to and from the Freight Voyager in days, Olimar didn't return to Hocotate in it, and Louie was once again absent. Olimar begins to explain all that happened with himself and Louie and the ship, as well as how he got back to Hocotate. After understanding that the ship was totaled and left behind and that the company has no other usable ships nor the funds to pay for a replacement, he pleads to Olimar for help. Olimar has no choice but to reveal his secret project: the Dolphin Lander. Shacho and Captain Olimar suit up and gather rations, and take off towards the Pikmin Planet in the Dolphin Lander to save the company yet again.