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Spork-clawed Dirigibug

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Spork-clawed Dirigibug The icon for this enemy hasn't yet been created.
Scientific name Flotillium cybechanius
Family Dirigibug
Caves Factory
Carry weight 35
Max. carriers 45
Poko value Poko × 50
Attacks Drops bomb-rocks, shoots lightning

The Spork-clawed Dirigibug is a biomechanical dirigibug and a boss found in Pikmin Z. It is a large, airborne creature with a set of balloon-like air sacs above its head. Its body is colored silver but shows signs of rust. Its claws resemble sporks, hence the creature's name.


  • Diet: unknown
  • Predators: unknown

This giant species of dirigibug is considered biomechanical. It doesn't move out into the fight itself, but it will be moved into the open by a working conveyer belt, making it wake up and start the fight. The main attacks it uses are dropping bomb-rocks and electrical orbs.

Piklopedia Entry

"I initially thought that groinks were the only biomechanical creatures on this planet, but then this one came along. With its claws, and its balloons holding it up, it's hard to call this thing an actual creature, much like a groink. Dirigibugs and groinks may share similar evolutionary paths, though we can't know for sure."


The creature itself cannot be directly reached by Pikmin due to its location. To harm it, Yellow Pikmin must be used to activate some nearby machinery. First, a lever must be pulled to activate a hook conveyor, which will cause some of the Spork-clawed Dirigibug's balloons to pop and force the creature to lose altitude. Second, a conveyor belt must be redirected to drop a chunk of scrap metal onto the Spork-clawed Dirigibug, popping more of its balloons and also dealing a bit of damage to the creature. Third and lastly, a waste grinder must be activated. While the Spork-clawed Dirigibug is floating over the grinder, a bomb-rock must be deposited into a steam pipe, which results in the bomb-rock being shot at the dirigibug and its last balloons, resulting in it plunging into the waste grinder below. The waste grinder will malfunction and harmlessly grind to a halt once the Spork-clawed Dirigibug has been dropped into it.