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This article relates to the canonical games. See Pikipedia's "Speargrub" article for more canonical information.
Hey! Pikmin
Speargrub The icon used to represent this enemy.
HP Speargrub.png
Scientific name Dentefaber himeagea
Family Mandiblard
Areas Crystal Tunnels
Attacks Stabs Pikmin

The Speargrub is a spiked mandiblard that, like Female Sheargrubs, cannot eat Pikmin. Instead of burrowing into the ground as other mandiblards do, Speargrubs travel through holes on various surfaces. Speargrubs can also crawl along vertical surfaces with ease. Speargrubs are generally entirely focused on where they need to go and as such are rather oblivious to leaders and Pikmin, even if they are in the Speargrub's way, which can result in them getting injured by the Speargrub's spikes. Only Rock Pikmin and Pikmin similar to it can kill the creature, but bomb rocks do the job just as well.