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Shadowraith The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Terralarva alter
Family Supernatura
Areas Nestled Forest
Caves None
Carry weight 2
Max. carriers 20
Seed worth 120
Attacks Stuffs Pikmin into smoke

The Shadowraith is a hidden boss in Pikmin 3 (Flish Edition). Immediately after collecting Poko × 20,000, Nestled Forest should be revisited. There, the usual enemies will be absent and in the place of Common Spotted Jellyfloat that is there normally is the Shadowraith. It will initially manifest as a cloud of mist, which rapidly grows to the size of a Red Bulborb and turns dark, forming into a Waterwraith-shaped mass before finally revealing its true form. A more intense and sinister variation of the Smokewraith's theme will begin playing once the creature is fully formed.

The Shadowraith attacks by hovering towards Pikmin and picking them up with its clawed hands, and absorbing them into its body. No type of Pikmin besides Black Pikmin is able to attack the Shadowraith. The creature has a large health pool. Upon defeat, the Shadowraith will emit a feminine scream and turn blue, falling to the ground and leaving a corpse that can be taken to an Onion for one hundred twenty Pikmin seeds. After being defeated, the Shadowraith's eyes will turn black and its body will cease emitting smoke, allowing it to be carried by any Pikmin type. Although the Shadowraith is somewhat large, its body can be carried by as little as two Pikmin and as many as twenty.


Olimar's notes

"Though this beast is only about the size of an adult bulborb, it is the most dangerous creature I have ever seen or fought. The Pikmin, even the faithful and brave Black Pikmin, seemed so terrified that I was surprised they even fought it. However, the rewards were great and sharply increased the number of Pikmin in my squad. Strangest of all, when I tried to open up and inspect the body, I was confronted by the ash of the exploding beast."

Louie's Notes

"Inedible. Attempts at cooking may lead to hysteria, poltergeists, and intrusive thoughts."

President's notes

"Seems to terrify anyone I've tried to sell it to. I advise not attempting to sell it."