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Refrigerating Ridewinder

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Pikmin X Deep Freeze icon.png Probably better than PikSpore!
This article contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin X: Deep Freeze, which was created by Neini, a user on this Wiki.
Pikmin X Deep Freeze icon.png
Refrigerating Ridewinder The icon for this enemy hasn't yet been created.
Scientific name Undulateralis glaciorigo
Family Palacreeper
Areas Woods of Occlusion, Defiled Grounds, The Crater
Caves Trembling Chasm, Hostile Aquifer
Carry weight 7
Max. carriers 14
Seed worth 8
Poko value Poko × 5
Attacks Freezes Pikmin, eats Pikmin

The elongated Refrigerating Ridewinder has a flattened, undulating body that looks almost like a paper kite as it floats around its habitat. When the creature catches sight of Pikmin, it will fly over them, emitting ice-cold breath underneath itself as it moves. Pikmin that walk underneath the Refrigerating Ridewinder will end up frozen, leaving them completely defenseless once the creature swoops down and starts devouring them. Moss Pikmin are the ideal choice to fight this creature. The Refrigerating Ridewinder never seems to stop to land; even when attacked by Pikmin, it will remain floating in the air, shaking them off by rapidly rotating its body segments.