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Pyrophoric Liquid

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Pyrophoric liquid is a type of liquid that many fire-based creatures use. This liquid is infamous for its ability to ignite into flames upon contact with air. Some enemies, like the Fiery Blowhog use it for offense while creatures like the Fiery Bulblax use it for defense. A large variety of fanon creatures have been known to use this interesting liquid. It is unknown what element the liquid is.

Enemies that use Pyrophoric Liquid

  • Fiery Bulblax
  • Fiery Blowhog
  • Flaming Mitite
  • Combustible Crawmand
  • Ashcrab
  • Blazing Cheragor
  • Puffire
  • Flaming Beetle
  • Firewisp
  • Crimson Skyhopper
  • Enraged Groink
  • Lava Goolix
  • Lighter Shearwig
  • Fireball Snitchbug
  • Red Wollywog
  • Enraged Dirigibug
  • Hot Dirigibug