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Pikmin E

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Pikmin E is a kind of sequel to Pikmin 3.


After Olimar, Alph, Brittany, and Charlie all head back home, Olimar realizes they left Louie behind, and goes back for him. Only to be intersected by a strange object. But the object was no meteor. After once again crash-landing, Olimar finds himself in the Forest of Hope, but not alone.

The Forest of Hope

Day 1, Morning Olimar finds himself in a small enclosure, with the ship next to him. It will need a bit of fixing up to take off again, but some treause should do. Olimar wanders around, only to find the Rock Pikmin Onion, making them the first Pikmin discovered in the game. The sunset chime goes off, and he blasts off into the atmosphere.

Day 1, Night Now taking control of our new captain, Eli, you wake up to wander off a small cliff. After that happens, the single Rock Pikmin that was left behind finds Eli. The tutorial then starts, and after it finishes, Eli will have 21 Rock Pikmin. The Sunrise Chime goes off, and Olimar lands on the planet.

Day 2 Still in the control of Eli, it becomes your objective to investigate the noise. After finding the source of the noise, a small tutorial insues that teaches the player how to switch captains. After that, the day goes under the players control, and the Brilliant Garden unlocks.

Brilliant Garden

Day 3 When landing on the Planet, Eli says he heard a crashing noise nearby, and you go through a Go-Here tutorial. After this Tutorial, Blue Pikmin are unlocked. It then switches over to Louie´s perspective, and you do a Tutorial on how to use Perks. After this, Louie must break down a Dirt Wall, and then meet up with Olimar and Eli. Louie will attempt to eat Eli, only to be hit away by Olimar. The day then goes under the players control

Day 4 During the landing, the Ship will be interupted, and Olimar tossed into the King Illint´s den, with some Purple Pikmin. A boss fight will ensue, and after the the King Illint is defeated, a single Purple will run away, with the new task to follow it. The Purple will throw itself into the air, but then the sunset chime will automaticly go off. This Pikmin will not count towards the Sunset Fatalites.

Day 5 After the landing, the task switches to find the Pikmin, and after finding it, a moment like the Pikmin Throwing Tutorial from Pikmin 3 (The one where Alph frees the Red Onion) will ensue. After this, a Purple Onion will drop down and activate. The day then goes into the Player´s hands, and the Formidable Oak will be unlocked.

Formidable Oak

Day 6, Morning During the landing, the Plasm Wraith (Now the Plisim Wraith) will intersect the ship to try to get Olimar. During the process, Eli hits it off, but falls as well. You will be trapped in a small area, with all ways to Olimar blocked off by an Electric Gate. The only way leads to the Yellow Onion, where you discover Yellow Pikmin. Eli states that the Pikmin are cute. After this, A Scornet will come and Impale a Yellow Pikmin, and Eli will chase after it, only for it to lead to another Electric Gate. Eli will then witness the Yellow Pikmin charge at the gate, and the sunset chime goes off.

Day 6, Night The perspective then changes over to Olimar and Louie, who had broken the Electric gate leading to Eli. They then continue to break down the Electric Gate Eli was breaking before. They head in to be ambushed by the Scornet Maestro, some Scornets, and a Scornet Guard. A boss fight then ensues, and after, the Sunrise Chime goes off, and the Distant Tundra is unlocked, and the player is presented with the option to do a Bonus Day

Bonus Day 1 During this day you play as Eli, tasked by Louie to find some Plasm to see if he can do anything about its deadliness. Louie then pins a location on the map that was not previously there and blocked off by a Plasm Gate. Eli is then tasked with breaking it down, and only Blue Pikmin can do it. After that, something pushes Eli into the ring, and the boss fight with the Plisim Wraith ensues. After the fight, Louie says that a combination of Blue and White Pikmin should do, before realizing they do not have any. You can come back to this bonus day again after unlocking White Pikmin, and then you must use 3 Blues and 3 Whites. After carrying the corpse back to the ship the bonus day will end and gives the player the Plasm Whistle, which can be used to recruit Blukmin.

Distant Tundra

Day 7, Morning You shift prespectives over to Louie, and are tasked with exploring the Distant Tundra. After a un-sucsessful exploration, Louie finds a Snow Wall right as Olimar and Eli blast off, leaving him alone.

Day 7, Night After Louie breaks down the Snow Wall, he is attacked by a Shaved Hairy Bulborb, and after vanquishing it, is tasked with pushing the ball. After this happens, Louie is tasked with exploring the new path. After finding the White Onion, a boss fight with the Mol Snagret Ensues. After the fight the Snowball Field unlocks, and you have the option to take on a bonus day.

Bonus Day 2 You take the role of Eli, and are tasked with finding a White 100 Pelet, and Olimar has pinned it on your map. Once there, a Mini-Boss fight ensues with the Shielded Mawdad. After that, you are given 10 Purple Pikmin by Olimar, and are tasked with bringing the pellet back to the Onion.

Snowfall Field

Day 8, Morning You take the role of the President, finally waking up from the suit´s sleep mode, he finds himself resting on a onion, suprizingly very cold. He then re-activates the Onion, discovering Icy Pikmin. He is then tasked with finding Olimar and Louie, and has to defeat a Icy Dweevil. After doing so, he find Olimar and Louie, and the Sunset Chime goes off. During the blast-off, something disturbs the ship, and Louie and Eli fall out, leaving them together.

Day 8, Night Eli will take a look around to find Louie being carried away by Winged Pikmin. Eli will then break down a Electric Gate chasing after them. After breaking the gate down, he wondered how he did it, but ignores it. He then uses a Bouncyshroom, and finds the Pink Onion, and the Distant Sea unlocks. Eli then wakes Louie up, and accidentaly shocks Louie awake. Louie will appear to be quite pissed with Eli, warning him. Eli then finds he is wearing Rubber Gloves, a new perk. Eli then brings Louie back to the ship´s landing site, and the Sunrise chime goes off

Day 9 During the Blast-Off to the Distant Sea, a large gust of wind causes too much tubrulance to ge there. Olimar,Eli,Louie, and the President head on over to it´s soucre, only to find the Blowing Megahog. A boss-fight then ensues, and the Sunset Chime goes off.

Distant Sea

Day 10 After Landing on a small isle in the middle of the Ocean, Olimar sees the Underwater Dancer, and wonders how Snavians evolved to live underwater. The ship´s Navigation System then says that there is another area ahead, and there are no Onions here. Eli will then bring up the topic of the ship being able to speak, and Olimar asks how Eli knew that, and Eli then says it was a guess. You can then have the option to do a Bonus Dat, or go to The Distant Spring.

Bonus Day 3 During this bonus day, you play as Louie. During this Bonus Day, You are tasked with collecting the 2 100 Pelets, and the 20, 30, and 40 Pelets. During this trasmission Olimar also tells Louie that when they get home, he´s gonna tell the President about the Space Bunny incident, and the Truth behind it. After the day completes, a cutscene is show where Louie runs away, leaving the Pikmin behind. It then cuts to Louie building something in space.

The Distant Spring

Day 11 After it all, Olimar,Eli,and the President find themselves in the Distant Spring, with the S.S Drake in distantce. Heading up to the Drake will give the player a option to ride it to the Moon. Selecting Yes will take the player to the Final Area

Far-Off Stone Space

Finale (Day 12) Olimar, Eli, and the President arrive on the Moon, only to see Louie working on a smaller machine. Louie will then notice them, and hop into the Universal Collider, and the smaller machine, the Mechanical Onion, will fly over the hole, sealing Louie in. After that, the bossfight begins. After the boss fight, the machine will explode with Louie inside of it, suppsoedly killing him. Olimar and the President will head into the ship, forgetting about Eli, who was knocked unconsious during the fight. When Eli wakes up, Mechanical Pikmin will be discovered, and Eli has a idea.


Eli will contact Olimar, and tell him that he forgot him, and Olimar heads back. Before they blast off, Eli straps the Master Onion, as well as the Mechanical Onion to the ship, unknown to Olimar and the President. They then take off for Hotocate. After arriving, Eli will tell Olimar that he has a suprise for him. He then brings him around a corner, and the Master Onion is there, along with the Pikmin. Eli will then thank Olimar, and give him radio. Eli will proceed to quickly construct a Portal, and gives Olimar his final goodbyes.

Secret Cutscene

If you did every Bonus Day, collcected every pellet, and killed every enemy, you get a special two-part cutscene

Part 1: Louie´s Alive?

The screen cuts to the wreckage of the Universal Collider, now crashed in the Tropical Wilds. Louie will crawl out, and look up to a shadow. The scene will cut to black

Part 2: Where did Eli go?

The screen will cut to a portal in a house. Eli´s space suit will no longer be present. After this, he takes a look around, and smiles. He walks into a room with a triple bunk bed, and will lay down on bottom bunk, ad close his eyes. It will then cut to black, and Yellow Text will pop up reading Tropical Wilds, and Alph, Brittany, and Charlie are shown at the landing site. The screen will cut to black again, and White Text will pop up and say ¨To Be Continued¨


  • Rock Pikmin

Rock Pikmin are the first type of Pikmin discovered, and are located in The Forest of Hope. They are immune to Brute Force, Water, and Semi-Immune to Fire hazards.

  • Red Pikmin

Red Pikmin are the second type of Pikmin discovered, also located in The Forest of Hope. They are immune to Fire Hazards. They are unlocked after the King Jellyswooper is defeated.

  • Blue Pikmin

Blue Pikmin are the Third type of Pikmin Discovered, and are located in the Brilliant Garden. They are Immune to Water, and Semi-Immune to Posion-Related Hazards

  • Purple Pikmin

Purple Pikmin are the Fourth type of Pikmin Discovered, and are also found within the Brilliant Garden. They are Immune to Brute Force, and Semi-Immune to Water Hazards.

  • Yellow Pikmin

Yellow Pikmin are the fifth type of Pikmin discovered, and are the only Pikmin discovered in the Formidable Oak. They are Immune to Electricity and Semi-Immune to Water (Due to it Conducting Electricity)

  • White Pikmin

White Pikmin are the 6th type of Pikmin discovered, and are the only type found in the Distant Tundra. They are Immune to Posion, and semi-immune to nothing.

  • Cyan Pikmin

Cyan Pikmin, otherwise known as Icy Pikmin, are the 7th type of Pikmin discovered. They have Ice frozen over their head and feet. They are Immune to Ice, Water, and Semi-Immune to Fire Hazards

  • Winged Pikmin

Winged Pikmin, Also known as Pink Pikmin, are the 8th type of Pikmin discovered. They are not Immune to anything, are Semi-Immune to nothing, and are Very Weak to Brute Force. This is repaid in the fact that they can fly.

  • Bulbmin

Bulbmin are the 9th type of Pikmin discovered. They are Immune to everything.

New Enemies

The Forest of Hope

Brilliant Garden

Formidable Oak

Distant Tundra

Snowfall Field

Distant Sea

The Distant Spring

Far-Off Stone Space


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Scrapped Content

  • Scrapped Content in The Forest of Hope

Eli and Olimar were orignally going to crash-land together.

  • Scrapped Content in the Formidable Oak

Blukmin were orignally going to be useable, but this was salvaged into the Plasm Wistle Perk. Scornet Guards were orignally going to be scattered around in ever map

  • Scrapped Content in Snowball Field

Orignally, there was a mural depicting a Cheep-Cheep. This was taken out due to reasons that shall remain unknown.

  • Scrapped Content in Distant Sea

Louie was orignally not going to run away. This was changed for plot reasons.

Other Sections

Pikmin Fan-Game Firsts

  • Pikmin E is one of the first fan-games (if not THE first) to have an ending where Pikmin leave PNF-404