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Pikmin 4: TWTF: Treasures

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Treasure Gallery

Here's a list of things that were found in Pikmin 4: The World to Free:

Name Actual Item price
Cupid's Grenade Cherry 100
The Unbreakable Mystery Walnut 500
The Recyclable Energy Rechargable Battery 600
Wisdom Tin Bucket 350
Sour Bomb Lime 250
Playful Torpedo Football 140
Statue of the Colors Beach Ball 320
Power Plaster Glazed Donut 180
Red Sun A red fortune orb 650
Sweet Service Candy cane 230
The Tool of the Relics Reference to Minecraft's Diamond Pickaxe 1000
Healthy Fiber Ring Reference to Honeynut Cheerios 150
Back Watcher A Convex lens. 375
Epic Tragedy A Model of the Titanic ship. 1912
Jewel of Anger Ruby. 750
Gothic Glory Amethyst 750
Natures Gift Emerald. 2000
Psychologist Desire A Pearl. 600
Devils Orb Melanite. 300
Soul Moon Moonstone. 10000
Clock of the Gods Hackmanite 900
Sticky Pollution A jelly jar with jelly in it. 240
Helpful Crane A wrench. 360
Unknown leftover A red bird feather. 50
Dinners need A plate. 375
Tough Slicer A knife. 400
Musical headwear A Sombrero . 215
Old Tradition shelter A Chinese food box. 1400
A Imposter Device A model of a car. 375
Black hole art A swirl Illusion pictures. 375
Misleading Propaganda A reference to Popeyes Spinach food can. 100
Comet's whip Whip Cream. 50
Power max A random car engine. 9000
Blocks of infinite possibilities A lego. 35
Eye cutter A small toy saw. 130
Deaths shadow A Jack in the box. 170

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