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Pikmin 360: 2-Player Arena

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This Article Contains information about a unreal game, Pikmin 360, made by Irockz. Editing is allowed, although Irockz is allowed to undo it.

Pikmin 360: 2 Player Arena is a multiplayer arena mode of Pikmin 360. It was originally part of the initial game, but later released on 3DS to test the engine on Pikmin games and on Steam free with the purchase of Pikmin 360. Everything gained in the single player mode of Pikmin 360 was gained on 2 Player Arena on Xbox 360, but you would have to use a cable that came with the game to transfer the weapons on. Without doing this you will be stuck with headbutting. It is wireless on the 3DS version. This Game Is Like Pikmin 8, 9, A-8,And A-9.


You can port weapons and powers from Pikmin 360 over, and get new weapons as DLC. Otherwise, you only have your bare hands to fight with, although there are some combos that are quite effective.

Story Mode

There is a story mode in the game, which is very short and ties together Pikmin 360 and Pikmin: Distant Planet. The two main characters, who are unnamed grey and red pikmin, are rivals. They cause a dispute in the alliance, displeasing the other pikmin. There are 2 factions you can choose from; Red or Grey. The Grey story is canon, ending in the reds breaking the alliance. This explains why they are not seen in Pikmin: Distant Planet.

Real Life Items

Strategy Guide

The 2 player arena mode does not have it's own strategy guide, and instead has a section in the Pikmin 360 Strategy Guide. It comes with 2 maps, one of the story mode path. It also reveals that Polk and Pikamin were having a meeting with the Pikiqueen, who is still infected.

Promo Codes

Promo code cards do indeed exist for this game, and are available in stores such as easons, Waterstones and Gamestop which can be activated on, or purchased from Nintendo eShop, Steam and Xbox Live Marketplace. They can unlock items or characters.