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Pikmin 2.1 (Challenge Mode)

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This is the challenge mode page for the Pikmin 2.1 fannon game. There is 20 new areas with some new enemies too.



This Challenge Mode has a harder set of rules. Thankfully, the time limit was removed. You have 3 onions and 1 exploration pod. But, you have to start out with 1 onion and find the others. Then, when you find them, you have to find a marble of the color of that onion. Then on the next floor, it will be with you. The object is to find a digger drill and your pikmin will take it to the spot to drill a hole to the next floor. You also can find medium sized cans that contain the ability to move obstacles and add enemies for fun. Some levels, most notably Create The Garden, allows more editing and the ability to save the edits. At the last floor, you need to find a can-opener to cork open the exit geyser. Each treasure collected adds more points to your score and pikmin population. Sometimes, you can find exploration-kit treasures like the Pluckaphone and use them for the level.

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