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PikminFanon:Project Clean-Up

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Pikilogo.png This page contains information relating to Pikmin Fanon's Community. Pikilogo.png

This is a more condensed and easier-to-follow version of maintenance categories and special pages in one collective place. Most sections should have explanations of what to do. This project derives heavily from the requests/guidelines from Forum:Marching Onward and PikminFanon:To-Do List. Feel free to edit this page, but please remove content when it is completed.

It is recommended to edit individual sections rather than edit the entire page at once, as this page may be taxing on some devices.

See here for a list of pages related to Project Clean-Up:

Page usages

Dead end pages

These pages don't link to any other pages.

Orphaned pages

These pages are linked to by no oher.

Uncategorized works

Uncategorized categories

No categories include these categories.

Uncategorized files

Files that are uncategorized. Some could also use better names.

Uncategorized pages

Pages that must be categorized.

Uncategorized templates

These templates need to be categorized.

Unused content

Use it, merge it, or delete it! A not-unused template may be necessary for some things to remove them from this category.

Unused categories

Unused categories.

Unused templates

Unused templates.

Unused files

Unused files.

Wanted works

Pages should be created or written, removed from links, typo-checked and corrected, or whatever else needs done here.

Wanted categories

Wanted categories.

Wanted files

Wanted files. There are many.

Wanted templates

Wanted templates.

Wanted pages

Wanted pages. This list contains the most items.

A complete list of wanted pages can be found here.