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Pikilogo.png This page contains information relating one of Pikmin Fanon's policies. Pikilogo.png

Pikmin Fanon's purpose is to allow Pikmin fans to share ideas for new Pikmin games, characters, enemies, and other related elements; alternate endings, details, or versions of the canon games; fan stories, views and thoughts about Pikmin games, fan made or otherwise; and information on existing fan art or other forms of media related to the Pikmin series.


Pikmin Fanon encourages creativity. We encourage users to create original ideas that pertain to the Pikmin series, and we also encourage them to make them the highest quality possible. However, while we encourage creativity, please keep it related only to Pikmin. Any original ideas that do not relate to Pikmin in any way do not belong here. Even on your own userspace, please keep such creations to an absolute minimum, as they take away from the purpose of the wiki. In short, please be creative, but please also keep it Pikmin-oriented.

Canon Coverage on Pikmin Fanon

There are three official games in the Pikmin series. All information that is directly obtained from these games is considered canon. Canon content must be minimized, as the objective of Pikmin Fanon is for fan-created content based on the Pikmin series. The home of canonical information is at Pikipedia.

Canon in the mainspace

If a subject originates from the canonical games, there should be a brief statement describing its canonical aspects, moving on to its fanon information. {{Real}} and {{C}} should be used to link to the subject's canon information on Pikipedia. For subjects that are major elements in the canonical series (e.g. Olimar), a section may be used to describe the subject; again, it should be short, and avoid unnecessary details. Articles that have too much canonical information should be marked with {{Canon}} so that it can be cleaned later.

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