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Pikilogo.png This page contains information relating to Pikmin Fanon's Community. Pikilogo.png

The Pikmin Fanon Constitution is the agreed upon rules list for all users. They are voted for in polls and then are added by an admin to the "Independent Rights" section. All changes to already existing rules are to be marked in Italics and all removed rules will be crossed out.

Original Orders

  • Any bad-quality article shall be removed from the wiki without notice.
  • Vandalism is not tolerated and the perpetrator will be blocked and if it is an important enough page, the user will be removed and all attempts to edit will be removed.
  • If any user uses any major bad language and/or is rude, the user will be temporarily blocked.
  • The IC's or anyone can not make automatic rules, it has to be passed through this wiki's government.
  • New rules must be put under New Orders section of the constitution.

Wikia-era Policy

  • Featured Articles and Pikmin are to be voted for in the Polls when applicable. A user can suggest one or the other here.
  • Emergency Changes can be made to this rulebook; if it is questionable, then a debate of the topic must be held in the forums.
  • All users that abuse the achievements system or 'boost' for badges will be banned on the spot. The only warning is on the Site Notice.

Independent Rights

  • Every user has the right to enforce the No-Signature Policy on any forum topic they make or their user talk. Any Sysop has the right to enforce this on any page, provided it stays within the rules linked above.
  • Featured Article/Image voting takes place in the Monthly Voting Poll.

New Style

  • The New Style of making rules is within Policy. Any Constitution rules that are to stay rules are to become separate policy.