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Pikilogo.png This page contains information relating one of Pikmin Fanon's policies. Pikilogo.png

When users make articles, they must follow certain standards and guidelines. The Article Policy entails some of these standards. This policy was made in an attempt to improve the overall quality of the wiki. The following points should be taken into consideration regarding content articles:

Bullet points

  1. Ownership
    1. You own your own fan content, and articles detail your ideas. As such, other users shouldn't add, change or remove content without your permission. However, people can, and should edit your article to improve clarity, flow, grammar, etc.
  2. Canon content
    1. The amount of information about canon content must be reduced to a minimum. The home of that information is on Pikipedia. If a piece of canon content must be included in an article, its information should only consist of only the most important stuff. A link to Pikipedia's canon article should be made at the top of the page, using this template.
  3. Page quality
    1. Some items all content pages should contain: an infobox (preferably), a list of games, in a small and unobtrusive manner, and categories.
    2. Grammar, wording, organization, and encyclopaedic organization are a must. This is a wiki, not a pile of scribbled napkins. The guidelines at Pikipedia are recommended.
    3. Do not sign your name on content articles. There shall be a way to dictate that content belongs to one of your ideas, without the need to sign.
  4. Page number
    1. If you have a fan game, the amount of pages dedicated to it depends on the detail of your ideas.
      1. If you only have a list of Pikmin, areas, enemies, and plot, that can all fit in a single page, do so.
      2. If you have some detail about your Pikmin, areas, enemies, etc., create a subpage about each of those sections. Like [[Pikmin: Example/Enemies]].
      3. If you have severely detailed information about your game elements, like pictures, locations, stats, behaviors, etc. create a page for each one of them. However, you should contact somebody before doing this, in order to avoid having a large amount of articles lying around.
    2. If an element is included in several games, like Cyan Pikmin, you should link to the article, and add your own information on that article as well, pertaining to your game, in its own section. If the element works the same way in all games, and optionally, with exceptions, point that out in the article.

Examples of pages

Example of a single-page game: Pikmin: Example

{{ infobox game | owner = Espyo | real_game = no | prequel = Pikmin 2 | ... }}

Pikmin: Example is an example of a game by Espyo. This is an example of basic game ideas, and hence, a basic game page. All of the game's content is in this page.


Olimar and Louie were travelling on vacation. They crash land in the Pikmin planet after Louie accidentally opens the fuel reservoir. There, they are reunited with the Pikmin, and using their help, they gather some wooden objects to burn for fuel. After gathering all 200 objects, both captains return to their home planet.



  • Red Bulborb: Sleeps, and eats Pikmin when woken up.
  • Gray Bulborb: Has a thick back, so only its legs can be attacked.
  • ...


  • Ursidae Sculpture: Sculpture of a bear.
  • Spring-activated Boomer: A hunter's bow.
  • ...



Example of a game with more detail:
Pikmin: Example/Pikmin

{{ game content | game = Pikmin: Example | author = Espyo | icon = File:Pikmin: Example logo.png}}

These are the existing Pikmin types in Pikmin: Example.

Red Pikmin


Yellow Pikmin



[[Category:Pikmin: Example]] [[Category:Lists of Pikmin types]]

Pikmin: Example/Enemies

{{ game content | game = Pikmin: Example | author = Espyo | icon = File:Pikmin: Example logo.png}}

These are the existing enemy types in Pikmin: Example.

Red Bulborb



[[Category:Pikmin: Example]] [[Category:Lists of enemy types]]

Example of an element in multiple games: Bleak Splatterer

{{ infobox enemy | games =

{{ game | Pikmin: Example | author = Espyo | icon = File:Pikmin: Example logo.png}}
{{ game | Pikmin 10 | author = ExampleGuy | icon = File:Pikmin 10 logo.png}}


The Bleak Splatterer is an enemy that resembles a black woodpecker, but with the ability to shoot balls of dirt from its beak.

Pikmin: Example

In Pikmin: Example, this enemy is larger than a Burrowing Snagret, and relatively rare, only found in two areas.


  • Grass Arena: Defending the entrance to the Ruined Dirt Castle.
  • Gloomy Mountain: Hidden on the northernmost alcove.


Pikmin 10

This enemy is roughly the size of a Water Dumple, and is worth 10 Pokos.



Example of a game box

Pikmin: Example
The following information applies to the fan game

Pikmin: Example, by Espyo.