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PikminFanon:Area article policy

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Pikilogo.png This page contains information relating one of Pikmin Fanon's policies. Pikilogo.png

Area articles should follow the following guidelines.

Opening paragraphs

The opening paragraphs should introduce the readers to what kind of area this is. The following are details that should be included, but not limited to:

  • When it is first visited.
  • A general description of the area's layout.
  • The main theme of the area.
  • Types of enemies encountered.
  • Its overall difficulty.
  • What types of Pikmin are discovered here, if any.
  • The number of caves located here and the number of collectibles found, if any.

In addition to the opening paragraphs, there must be an area infobox to the right.


After the opening paragraphs should be a section titled Story. This section explains how the area relates to the story and what happens here.


This section describes the general layout of the area, as well as specific parts of the area. When describing the area as a whole, the following points should be kept in mind:

  • Its size
  • Its theme (garden-like, artificial, etc.)
  • Its structure (maze-like, open-ended, etc.)
  • Type and distribution of the terrain
  • Types of structures of interest (several tree stumps, several lakes, etc.)
  • Its linearity (whether it is mostly open with equal exploration on all points of the land, or if it's mostly linear, with clear start and end points)
  • How much vertical variation there is
  • If it's surrounded by water, pits, etc.

After describing the general layout, you should proceed to describe each part of the area. They should be described with at least some detail, but try to keep it simple enough that readers can understand. Additional sections (header 3) can be used to describe them, if necessary. If there is a map for the area, it is recommended to put it in this section. If there are multiple maps, put one in this section and the rest in the gallery section.


If any caves or other similarly-functioning environments are found in an area, they should be listed and linked to here.


All the objects in an area (such as enemies, treasures, and obstacles) should be listed here. If only one type of object is listed, like enemies, then the section should be called just that object. Otherwise, name this section Objects. Any important objects, like boss enemies or upgrade treasures, should be bolded.


If there are any images relating to an area, they should be placed here. Remember to use <gallery> tags to make a gallery.

End of the article

This section doesn't have a header. The bottom of the page should contain an area navbox about the game that the area is in. Also, there must be at least one category at the bottom that isn't automatically created by templates.