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Pikmin: The Golden Rose

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Pikmin: The Golden Rose (ゴールデンローズ, lit.: Golden Rose) is a game being created by StarWolf for the Switch

Pikmin: The Golden Rose
Rating T for Teen
Genre Real Time Stratagy
Platform(s) Switch
Media Disk
Publisher N/A
Release Dates N/A
Prequel Pikmin 3
Sequel None
Creator StarWolf


Three years have passed since the events of Pikmin 3. The planet of Koppai is now able to sustain itself and is looking to prosperity in the near future. However, a company in the same vein of business as Hocotate Freight, called Seedling Freight located on koppai believes that they can bring that near future into today. Thus, they hire the three heroes of koppai - Alph, Brittany, and Captain Charlie - to go on another quest to PNF-404 and gather even more seeds.

Around the same time, Hocotate Fright plans on sending Captain Olimar on a third and final mission to save Louie, who had been left behind at the end of Pikmin 3.

On top of that, two other planets named Raion and Umi plan on sending crews of their own to PNF-404. Umi plans on sending a team of biologists to study the lifeforms there in-depth, and Raion wishes to send a small team there for "investigation".

Catching wind of this, Seedling Fright offers to conjoin the four crews together and cover most costs, and all members will work on their goals. The others agree, and thus Alph, Brittany, Captain Charlie, Captain Olimar, Eric of Ua, and Francine of Rion set off for PNF-404 in a slightly upgraded S.S. Drake.

After many lightyears of travel, the explorers close in on PNF-404, but the Drake malfunctions and they crash.


Note: These are in no particular order. The list will be updated to match the order you receive the pikmin when the information is available.


  • Kumo Temple
  • A Tropical Region
  • A Beach-Side Region
  • A Pine Forrest
  • A Swamp
  • Ruins of some kind
  • An unknown, final area


Not much is known about the bosses, other than there will be eight boss fights across the seven regions, and that each is rooted in mythology or folklore in some way.