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Pikmin: The Dark Void

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Pikmin: The Dark Void is a game that takes place some time after Pikmin: The After Years. Hocotate Freight employee Louie goes missing on the Pikmin Planet, and Olimar, The President, and Olimar's family go out on a journey to find him.

New Enemy Pikmin

2 new enemy Pikmin are introduced: Phantom Pikmin, which spawn when a Pikmin is left behind; and Void Pikmin, which release sticky fluids that Black Pikmin are immune to. They choke and suffocate Pikmin with poisonous gas.


In this game, Bulbmin can be taken to the surface, and they now have an Onion, but 7 days after the Bulbmin is taken in, it will grow to an adult and its Bulborb host will take over; then it must be destroyed.



Gaming Systems

  • Wii
  • Gamecube


Refer to Bosses of PTDV.