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Pikmin: Terra Nova

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Terra Nova
This article contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin: Terra Nova by Wraith.
Pikmin: Terra Nova
Rating E10 for Scary Images, Rendered Blood and Violence
Genre Action, Adventure, RTS, Sci-Fi
Platform(s) Nintendo NGX, PC, Mac OS X
Media Nintendo NGX Cartridge / Digital Download
Publisher Pikmin Fanon
Release Dates NA: NA
Eu: NA
Asia: NA
Au: NA
Prequel Pikmin 3
Sequel None
Creator Wraith

Pikmin: Terra Nova is the followup to Pikmin 3 and Nintendo's fresh take on the Pikmin franchise. This title is a departure from the simplistic mechanics of the original Pikmin games, tossing the existing style for a tactical strategy feel.

Main Story

Terra Nova takes place 30 years after the events of Pikmin 3. In a title sequence, the backstory is explained. Planet Koppai is the seat of a thriving Trade Federation, using planets like PNF-404 for resources. The newly emerged Hocotate Guild has declared PNF-404 as a Wildlife Exclusion Zone, angering the Trade Federation's many PNF-404 branches. The existing mining facilities continue to plunder the planet for raw material, going around the ban. After this key act of defiance, Hocotate Guild formally declares war on Koppai. The Koppai-Hocotate War begins.

Opening Scene

A heavy frigate speeds past the camera, showing the scope of technological advance since Pikmin 3. Gone are the days of small two-manned spacecraft, and space-faring factions like Hocotate Guild and Koppai have large navies. Staring out the window of the vessel is an elderly Captain Olimar, who frowns at the planet below. Another Hocotatian walks up, saluting the former captain. "Admiral, sir!", said the Hocotatian.

"At ease, cadet." Olimar dryly said. "You have something for me?"

"Ah, yes! The Spade Report! It's from high up, sir!", said the cadet, before handing Olimar a data drive. Olimar turned a monitor on and inserted the drive. On the ship's main computer screen flashed a document, stating in no uncertain terms, that the Pikmin species is under threat. The ecological devastation caused by the Koppai Trade Federation had driven Pikmin into the Threatened status. Olimar frowned, and shook his head. He couldn't believe that this was happening. A pang of guilt struck the admiral, who wondered if his discovery of the planet had sealed the Pikmin's fate.

"We are to commence with Project: DOLPHIN, right away cadet. Sound the alarm, and grab me a coffee please." Olimar smirked and grasped his Captain's Insignia.

"Yes sir!" said the cadet who sprinted out of Olimar's quarters.

A naval alarm sounded, followed by a voice via intercom. "All hands on deck, Project: DOLPHIN is away. Engines engaged for orbital entry. This is not a drill." The bustling ship labelled SS Terra Nova began revving its particle engines and shot towards the planet's atmosphere. Hocotate Navy servicemen and women rushed to their primary stations, working in tandem like a well-oiled machine. Admiral Olimar initiated orbital entry and the SS Terra Nova rocketed to the surface.

Project: DOLPHIN

As the ship neared the surface, Admiral Olimar pulled up some documents on his touch pad device. He looked over the case reports for the various Pikmin colors, and locations of interest on PNF-404. A hive of activity within the northeastern hemisphere was found that indicated a presence of Red Pikmin. Olimar viewed the intel on the site and decided to commence the staging operations. With a string of keystrokes on the pad, Olimar designated the landing area Wilds of Hope. Admiral Olimar made his way to the hangar bay where he linked up with three EAG Agents. "Hey, I'm agent Mack, good to finally meet you, admiral." The twenty-something Hocotatian greeted Olimar with a handshake. Mack gave a grin, showing his unwavering confidence. The other two introduced themselves as agents Kella and Daniel, senior EAG Agents with a special affinity for PNF-404. Mack cut through the cordial air with a burning question. "Sir, if I may be so bold, what can the Navy do for PNF-404 that civilian groups cannot?"

Olimar sighed. "Lackluster policy has caused this crisis. Koppai was too greedy, in the end. I only joined the Navy to defend PNF-404 from foreign claims. And it seems that we now have a war over it, Mack. If Koppai could have contained its reliance on the Koppai Trade Federation, it wouldn't have given up its protections on PNF-404. But corruption ruined the chance of a peaceful resolution. Such a shame. I'm a natural born scientist, not a fighter. But I saw this kind of thing coming." And with that Olimar frowned. "Now then, question time is over. We are tasked with a planet-wide protection of biodiversity, by any means necessary. And if it means taking war to some Koppai Trade Federation sites, so be it. I've identified site Wilds of Hope, in the northeastern hemisphere. There is a presence of Red Pikmin, suggesting that a lone Onion is surviving on its own. Now, you three are tasked with finding the Red Onion, and bringing the local Pikmin populace up to levels above 1,000. Is this clear?"

The three agents pondered these orders. Mack wasn't satisfied. "Sir, what if we encounter enemy contacts? We're unarmed."

Olimar sighed again. "You three are to wear Powered Exosuits, and are to be armed with Radiation Pistols. I don't want to see any of you get hurt, you are the most qualified to get Project: DOLPHIN underway. Your suits will come with modules fine tuned to allow for greater Pikmin management. A far cry from my original explorations here, agent Mack. You'll be armed with the tools and the knowledge. Now get out there and save the Pikmin race."

The three agents nodded and boarded the SS Excelsior, a shuttle weighed down by extensive equipment. Rations, equipment, building materials, and a small squadron of drones fill the shuttle's carrying capacity. Mack grins, taken aback by the beauty of the moment - he is finally putting his hard work into environmental science to good use. Kella is delighted at the botanical section of the science lab, poking around at the various species. Daniel remarks how much materials he has access to. It was his dream to engineer solutions for an aid mission, but the importance of this mission blew his mind. Olimar pokes his head around the open shuttle door.

"Good luck, Team DOLPHIN. I'll brief you from orbit. I want to personally thank each one of you for volunteering for this mission. I am in your debt, as well as PNF-404."

And with that the SS Excelsior powered up, its doors closing. The engines roar as the grey-clad ship floats towards the hangar exit. Olimar looks on with awe, noting that he is holding back tears. The ship zooms away, leaving a trail of plasma exhaust.

Wilds of Hope

The SS Excelsior barrels towards the surface, above an evergreen forest. It sets down in a clearing, and the three exit the shuttle. Mack and the others gear up in their Exosuits and get a tutorial on how to operate it. Three Radiation Pistols are deployed for the three. Mack takes note of the rations, indicating enough supplies for 24 days. The mission is designed to last 14 days in intervals, in five phases. Having a surplus of supplies is for emergency preparedness. Mack rallies the crew, raising his commanding voice. "Listen up, team. We need to scout the area for Pikmin, and find an Onion. Only then should we begin to construct a base and other materials. Lets all go for a hike!" After this speech, the player gains control over the three new captains.

Multiplayer Modes

Pikmin: Terra Nova features two Multiplayer modes to enjoy.

War Mode

War Mode is a standard battle that features one human versus one human or one human versus one computer. On twelve different maps featuring various locations from Pikmin 1, 2 and 3 and four original locations, battle as the Hocotate Guild Navy or the Koppai Trade Federation Militia. Three captains each, the player can task the other two captains to automated tasks such as resource gathering, building, growing Pikmin, or exploring. To ease gameplay, the Pikmin 3 onion is available for both players respectively. The object is to build bases, war machines, and grow a Pikmin army to annihilate the enemy player. This mode uses assets that appear in the story mode but allows for extended upgrades, reflective of an RTS. No enemy species are usually found on these maps, save for a few exceptions.

Balloon Battle Mode

Balloon Battle Mode is a more classic-feeling multiplayer mode which pits one human versus one human or one human versus one computer player. Instead of the RTS elements, the players get one randomly-colored onion from the available types (save for Purple), and have to grow a Pikmin force. Players must collect dice which give them bonuses, similar to the cherries in Pikmin 2's Battle Mode. Each player has a Macaroon with a flag on it, and the main objective is to steal the enemy's Macaroon or to destroy all of the enemy's Balloons. Each player starts with three balloons on their onion. The color of balloon corresponds to the color Pikmin the player randomly receives in the beginning of the match. If enough Pikmin are thrown at a balloon, it will pop, causing all Pikmin in the area to panic, allowing for counter-attacks or shake-ups. Every time 15 Pikmin are grown, a balloon is added to the player's onion. If eight balloons are on a player's onion, it will begin to fly into the air. If the Onion escapes, the owner of it wins. The opposing side has a chance to toss Pikmin at it, in an attempt to weigh it down and pop a single balloon. Or the opposing side can take the defending player's macaroon before the Onion reaches the peak of its escape sequence, while weighing it down. This mode notably features enemy species about the map, whereas War Mode just features Pellets.