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Pikmin: Guardian

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Pikmin: Guardian

This article or section relates to the Non-Canon game, Pikmin: Guardian.

Blue Goolix sprite by Mbrown06.png

Pikmin: Guardian is a Pikmin game I am making for the computer. Here's some general information.

The Controls

WASD- Movement for louie

Left click- Controls pikmin

Right click- Dismisses pikmin

The Pikmin

  • Red Pikmin: Immune to fire. No new abilities.
  • Yellow Pikmin: Immune to electricity. can carry bomb rocks again.
  • Blue Pikmin: Immune to water.
  • White Pikmin: Immune to poison, and is the fastest pikmin, but can no longer sense buried treasure.
  • Purple Pikmin: Strong, and can carry large boulders. Five times the carrying weight of a normal pikmin.
  • Orange Pikmin: Immune to sand. Slow.
  • Cyan Pikmin: Ice resistant. Can destroy glaciers.
  • Brown Pikmin: Can sense buried objects, lights up dark rooms, immune to sunset.
  • Pink Pikmin:Flying! Immune to wind.
  • Green Pikmin:Can climb up moss, cannot be squished.

The Plot

Captain Olimar must return to the Pikmin planet because a team of biologists were headed there and wanted Olimar (as the person with the most experience with the pikmin) to come with them. Suddenly all communications with them stop. After about a month of this Louie is told to head to the planet of the Pikmin alone to find Olimar (and pick up any treasure laying around).

The Piklopedia


  • The first designed enemy was dwarf fiery bulblax, which only appears in one area every once in a while.
  • The final boss will not be revealed until the game is finished, so too bad!
  • Olimar's son was originally going to be a second character, but was decided that having only Louie would be better.
  • The gamemaker has cut out two creatures so far: the Dweevilmin and the Greater Common Jellyfloat.