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Pikmin: Exploration

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Nuvola warning.png Exploration
This article contains information about the non-canon game Pikmin: Exploration, and is made up by Peanut64.
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Pikmin: Exploration is a name that says it all. It's a Pikmin game based on the idea of exploring. The story doesn't have an exact place in the timeline, since it is far off in the future. Olimar and Louie have both passed away of age but Olimar's Great-Grandson takes the role of Space Captain. It is year 345 on Hocotainian time, and Hocotate is breaking down and getting older. Problems have already occured like mutation of the animals around and also the raised amount of Oxygen. Now Hocotainians are able to breathe Oxygen because of behavioral adaptations. Some animals are flocking to the cities and trashing houses. It is chaos...