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Pikmin: Chrome Bonds

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A completely Pikness34 03:05, December 11, 2009 (UTC) made game

This game includes 6 playable characters


Right after Pikmin:Final Evolution . The Spatial donania has fled but not died(gosh This incredibly tough enemy is still alive!!!oh man)Olimar,Louie,President,andPikness 34 decide to head to Twilight Plains.The Onions were dispersed because of the fight.Olimar heads there and finds The S.S. Girl Power.Inside is Olimar's Wife and Olimar's Daughter.She tells olimar she was curious about why he spends so much time here. At landing at Twilight Plains he finds a chrome onion.The ship,Dolphin 3.5 and S.S Wii remarks about the onion. It activates but sends no pikmin out hmmm. a red onion is near but with only 5 red pikmin.The rest went into anouther Red Onion the pikmin finds some leftover treasure.Olimar leaves trying to find out find out about the spatial donania,Chrome onion,And Treasure.Note you will spend 1 half of the game getting 1 Chrome Pikmin.

For the ending go here Pikmin The Final Trilogies Endings


Like The pikmin remake but spray

FOR more sprays and controls go toPikmin:Chrome Bonds Ultimate Sprays Guide

New features