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Pikmin: Before Olimar

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Plot for Pikmin: Before Olimar

In Pikmin: Before Olimar, (this takes place some time in the time-line.) when Olimar comes home, he goes STRAIGHT to bed. He's very exhausted. While sleeping, Olimar dreams about life on the Pikmin planet before he came. The player then controls a Pikmin, controlling other Pikmin to kill a Red Bulborb. Olimar then dream about the Pikmin discovering new lifeforms on the planet (new Pikmin and enemies). The player must find all of the new to save them from going extinct, while avoiding enemies.


This game is for the Nintendo Wii. Your able to use either the Nintendo GameCube controller or the Wii remote with motion plus and Nunchuk. The Gamecube controls are the same, and the Wii remote controls are almost the same as New Play Control! version. Now, buttons 1 and 2 on the Wii remote makes the player change to different color Pikmin.

Enemies, levels, and Pikmin

The game will have all previous enemies, levels and Pikmin, and lots of new stuff. These new Pikmin can only be made by treasures.


Treasures can make Brown Pikmin , Green Pikmin ,and Pink Pikmin if it is brought to their color Onion. Treasures appear more often than in Pikmin 2, which makes getting new Pikmin easier. The new treasures are:


Returning Enemies

New Enemies

Returning Pikmin

New Pikmin Types

  • Brown Pikmin - Can kill enemies from inside, turn into other Pikmin, and see Colorless Bulbears
  • Green Pikmin - Blends in with the environment, enemies cannot eat them
  • Pink Pikmin - Have the ability to fly

(not done yet)----THE NEW--204px-Dark Bulborb.png 204px-Dark Bulborb.pngGoldencARROTS204px-Dark Bulborb.png 204px-Dark Bulborb.png--Pikpik cARROTS