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Pikmin: Advanced Online

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Betta.jpg PAO
This article and/or image relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Advanced Online, created by Bulbminlead101, Switch and Switch Lite version made by Ryanlam123456.

Pikmin: Advanced Online
PIkmin Advanced Online Logo by Scruffy.png
Rating E
Genre Adventure, Roleplay
Platform(s) 3DS, Wii, Switch, Switch Lite
Media ???
Publisher Pikmin Fanon Incorporated
Release Dates ???
Prequel Pikmin Online
Sequel ???
Creator Bulbminlead101

In Pikmin: Advanced Online, the player roleplays as a lone Pikmin. They may wander the world, battling enemies and carrying corpses with fellow players. Players are able to choose what Pikmin they can play as, although they cannot change more than once in a server. When a player enters a server, they are prompted to select a type of Pikmin, the main five types being Red Pikmin, Blue Pikmin, Yellow Pikmin, White Pikmin, and Purple Pikmin, having all of their respective stats. The player may also choose from Pikmin in other Fanon games, such as Pikmin: Dark Forces. Even though you don't have an actual mouth you can speak like the cutscenes.

Pikmin Stats



Switch (Made by Ryanlam123456)
Switch Lite (Made by Ryanlam123456)

Pikmin Type Attack Defense Speed Luck
Red Pikmin 36 13 24 10
Blue Pikmin 23 40 24 11
Yellow Pikmin 23 28 35 35
Purple Pikmin 50 23 10 35
White Pikmin 17 24 61 18
Shield Pikmin 23 34 24 12
Sonic-voice Pikmin 43 23 25 30
Iguana Pikmin 28 16 34 6
Arachnid Pikmin 27 23 31 32
Parasitic Pikmin 34 14 25 40
Breadmin 20 20 17 31
Groinkmin 58 24 29 12