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Pikmin:The Return

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When Olimar returns to his home planet he has discovered that they have ran out out powerand must recover the legendary Ominga power fruit which  has been said to be stolen by alien invaders with a mysterius pikmin description so He goes back to the Pikmin planet to save his home planet.

Other game named the same thing : Pikmin: The Return.

New Pikmin

There are alot of new pikmin this time

Orange:this cannimalistic Pikmin will eat any coloured pikmin edcept it's own kind but can be controled with the medal of leadership but will still eat other pikmin mind P.S. you encounter this pikmin in the vicois plains

Zombie: Zombie pikmin are black with a blank stare and have purple smoke emiting from them, they also zombiefie other pikmin thier bud on top ofthier head is replaced by a skull P.S. they are first encounted in the valley of forgotten roses. P.S.S. caption olimar can also be zombiefied, for more about this form visit Olmar forms. 

Bat:This pikmin