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This article relates to the canonical games. See Pikipedia's "Pikmar" article for more canonical information.

Pikmar, otherwise referred to as Olimin, is the term used to describe Captain Olimar as a Pikmin in the bad ending of the original Pikmin, where the S.S. Dolphin fails to take off and crashes on the planet again; Olimar is then carried to the Red Onion and ejected as a seed. This ending is not considered canon with the rest of the series because in Pikmin 2 he is seen proceeding to land on Hocotate in his ship and so must have obtained at least 25 ship parts.

Olimar As "Pikmar"


When Pikmin carry Olimar to their Onion when down on the D-pad (or the "2" button in the New Play Control! version) is held in Pikmin 1, or by use of the Napsack in Pikmin 2, nothing happens, presumably because he is still alive and able to struggle free.